Friday, November 10, 2006

Restoran Fuzhou, JB

This would be my last food posting for my short trip to JB..
As the title states very clearly, Restoran Fuzhou serves, yes, what else, but Fuzhou (aka Fook Chow) dishes. This was a last minute thing as we were suppose to eat at this shop that serves bittergourd chicken soup but it was not open..hence a quick detour and here we are!
Most of the customers were having steamboat, a few other tables (including us) ordered dishes instead. With my very shallow knowledge of fook chow food ( the only fook chow food i know is the fook chow fishball ), I relied on uncle to order :p.
Uncle ordered fook chow noodles, fried tanghoon, red wine chicken, ribs with yam and veg. The first dish served was the fook chow noodles..

The noodles was piping hot and we quickly tucked in.. Yes, the fook chow noodles does look similar to hokkien noodles. But when you take a bite, you would know the difference..The noodles texture is softer, smoother and slightly chewy. The sauce base is with eggs, which makes it aromatic. And some of the customers (such as uncle) added vinegar to their noodles, so it taste a lil like lam mee too. Interesting...
Next we had the ribs with yam and red wine chicken.
The ribs with yam is fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Heck, I think it's even better than Restaurant Friendship Herbal Soup ! (which I think serves smacking good ribs+yam in Klang Valley). Restoran Fuzhou's version comes in some thick 'porridge looking' gravy. I took a sip and OMG, this is pratically blended, mush up yam paste. Its very very good, they added salted fish and cuttlefish to enhance the yam's flavour. The ribs, tender and well marinated, just melts in the mouth. Perfecto.The red wine chicken did not disappoint either, the gravy was thick and aromatic, the chicken tender and had absord the wine flavour well. This is a rather unique dish, its a tad harder to find this dish in restaurants. The last time I had this was homecooked by an aunt.. Still, the ribs+yam remains my favourite. The vegs were normal, the fried tanghoon was ok, nothing to shout about compared to Restoran Ah Kaw's 'frying' skills..

What Julianne thinks? Authentic and nostalgic.

Restoran Fuzhou is located at No 1&3, Jalan Ros Merah 2/1, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru. Tel:07-3555225.

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