Friday, November 03, 2006

Restoran Khong Kee, JB

More on yummies in JB :)
Restoran Khong Kee is famed for its fook chow fishballs and many varieties of other meatballs and yong tau foo to feed hungry patrons. We reached there around brunch time and it was already packed with customers, all busy slurping up the noodles or choosing the ingredients to go with their noodles at the entrance.
And the noodles.. man, Khong Kee definitely have a good range of noodles for you to choose from.. wantan noodles, mee pok, yellow noodles, sang mee, koay teow.. I think there's at least 10 types to choose from :). You can also choose different flavours to go with the noodles, ie, dry, clear soup, curry(suppose to be famous for this) and tomyam.
After quite a long wait, we finally got our food and it sure looks appetising ;p
Uncle, SF and SL chose some of the more popular choices and I happily tucked in... The first I tried was the fook chow fishball. I have tried a couple in Klang Valley (some famous one, cant remember the shop name), but I must say that Khong Kee's version is by far, the best.
The hall of fame: Frm L-R, fried fishball, "siew mai", fook chow fishball and "karipap"
The fishball was springy and fresh and the filling was superb. Rather than just pure pork filling, Khong Kee added extra ingredients (which I cant fully figure out what's in there.. onions, ma tai?) which were minced finely and added into the meat. The result? Extremely sweet filling, tender to the bite and fragrant. Pure yums man...
The other stuff to try would be the "karipap"..uuhmm, well, at least that's what the girls called it as it's shaped like a currypuff. This 'karipap" is mince pork ( i suspect its the same one used for the fook chow fishball) wrapped in beancurd skin and fried. Dipped in dry shrimp chilli, it's good...
Another favourite is the siew mai lookalike. Again with pork filling, the skin is doughy, something like siew mai, but instead of steamed, this one gets boiled. I thot its ok only though...
What Julianne thinks?
Tasty, simple and fulfilling
Restoran Khong Kee is located at 70, Jalan Badik, Tmn Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru. Tel: 07-3318867. I noted that they have a branch in KL, at No. 30, Jalan Yew. But the name of the shop is different though. Maybe can check it out too...

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