Monday, November 06, 2006

Restoran Ah Kaw (aka Sam Lau), JB

This is one of SF and SL's recommended food joint as it serves tasty fried bee hoon...
We were there early as the early bird catches the worm! Well, in our case, getting a seat..:p
Uncle ordered the dishes, ie, the famed fried beehoon, deep fried sa zhim fish, curry fish head and veg. The wait was not too long, we got the sa zhim fish soon after..

Eating the sa zhim fish sure makes me nostalgic as my mum use to cook this fish when I was a lil tot. The sa zhim fish is delicious and great for lazy people ;p and those who dont eat fish because of fish bones.. Why? Coz the fish is fried to such a crunchy texture that you can eat the whole fish, head, bones and all! Dipped with chilli sauce, this is sure appetizing. Next served were the veg and fried bee hoon.
Yes, the fried beehoon does taste good, dry in texture, non oily and fragrant. It does taste different though, I cant pinpoint the 'secret' ingredient.. but I believed they added black bean paste to fry the bee hoon. Restoran Ah Kaw serves this with their special homemade chilli sauce and it does complement the beehoon well. In fact, we ordered a second plate of fried beehoon as we swipe clean the first plate in a blink of an eye. The last dish was the curry fish head and it sure does look appetising :). Glad that Restoran Ah Kaw serves the whole fish head instead of chopping it up as I feel this version retains the sweetness of the flesh much better compared to chopping it to chunks.. True enough, the fish was sweet and tender. The curry was ok, thick gravy, loads of veg..Not too impressive, but ok. The beehoon is still the star :)
What Julianne thinks?
Scrumptious, no frills but delightful.
Restoran Ah Kaw (aka Sam Lau) is located at 33, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, JB. Tel: 07-3340589

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