Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lo Wong, Sunway Mas

Yes, yes, you would be thinking of the Lo Wong taugeh chicken in Ipoh.. I was told that this is their branch in PJ.. nonetheless, I did not check with the proprietor, so I shall not confirm on this info :p. I have been to Lo Wong for a couple of times already as its very near my home..
Elaine, Alicia, Jon and SL joined me for lunch after helping me clean up my condo (thanks all!). Lo Wong had make it easy to order with their "set meal" of taugeh, chicken and choice of side dish (of fish balls, porkballs, chicken parts, braised chicken feet with mushroom and sometimes, curry chicken/braised pork). So without fretting too much, we ordered meal for 5, with porkballs and curry chicken for side dish.
Elaine and me decided to have these with rice while the rest ordered kuay teow (dry/soup)....
The food was served promptly....The taugeh looks juicy and plump, so very tempting! I took a mouthful and yes, it is that juicy and plump :). I liked the way Lo Wong cook the taugeh, just rite, not too raw (with those 'green' taste) nor too cooked (till its soggy). Nice.
Their version of chicken aka bak cham is pretty good too, the skin smooth, the meat tender and the sweet salty soy sauce complements the chicken well. You mix in your own chilli, garlic (or like my Klang frens, with dark soy sauce) and in no time you'll be gobbling down the food :p. I thot this is as good, or maybe better, than Jalan Gasing's taugeh chicken.
Porkballs were springy and flavoursome, with chopped cuttlefish mixed in it which enhances the porkballs flavour. One of the girls commented that the size of the porkballs were smaller here compared to Jalan Gasing's.. but hey, I'm quality over quantity anytime, so still think this is good :)
Sadly, the side dish of curry chicken was nothing to shout about. Rather plain curry actually, you may want to opt for other side dishes instead...
What Julianne thinks?
Value for money, filling and good
I did not manage to get the address, sorry mates.. Just drive towards Aman Suria (near Tropicana), at the Sunway Mas area. Same area as Restoran Chan Kee, after passing Jin Shan Cheng, turn right, drive straight, Lo Wong is on your left side, corner shop.

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Blogger adrian said...

Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong Ipoh
No. 33-1 & 33-2,
Jalan PJU 1/3G,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya

28 November, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

thanks adrian for the address :)

29 November, 2006  

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