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Restoran De' Champion Duck, Bandar Menjalara

When Jane told me about the drunken duck, I was very keen to try it within the same week. But she said we need to order the duck in advance, walk-in was just too risky, since De' Champion only prepare a limited number of drunken ducks per day. Never did I expect that it took us almost 5 months to finally arrange to eat at De' Champion...
De' Champion restaurant serves 3 types of duck, De' Champion Roast Duck, Drunken Duck and Herbal duck.
Since there was only 3 of us, we only managed to try 2 of the 3..
We obviously had the piece de resistance, the Drunken Duck (RM52 for whole duck)
As the name suggested, this duck was marinated and served with chinese wine. The skin was thin and crisp, while the duck meat was tender and wonderfully infused with light, herbal flavour. The base of the plate was filled with the aromatic alcohol and we were each given a small serve of the sauce too. The alcohol tasted very much like brandy, but the lady boss confirmed that it's actually a wine ordered from China. Very addictive (even if you're not a drinker :p), this dish does get a tad overwhelmingly rich at times, the sides of cucumber serves well to clear the palette.
De' Champion Roast Duck (RM16 for quarter) was recommended by the lady boss.
Since this was their popular dish, we had to try. The duck was plump, but the skin, compared to it's drunken counterpart, was not crisp at all. The sauce was slightly herbalish, skewing towards sweetish aftertaste. My vote still goes to the drunken duck.
WF, who absolutely loves char siew, had to order a small portion of Honey Char Siew (RM16)
The fatty char siew was rather divine- the fats melt in my mouth almost immediately while the meat was extremely tender too. The coating of the char siew was pretty sweet, since it is, after all, Honey char siew.
Overall, an enjoyable brunch, I'll definitely pop by again.
Restoran De' Champion Duck is located at 10, Jalan 3/62D, Medan Putra Business Centre, Bandar Menjalara, KL.

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Blogger J said...

Oh my... You have me drooling at the duck and char siew - must try soon! :D

19 August, 2010  
Anonymous jason said...

Yes yes, my friend has been telling me about the char siew.... but haven't got the time to go and try yet...

19 August, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

J: it's really quite good, go try soon!

jason: when are you going? can i tag along? i can order the duck for u! :p

19 August, 2010  
Blogger choi yen said...

I've tried the roast duck twice, 1st time the skin was crispy but turn out to be not crispy at 2nd visit.

19 August, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

choi yen: you're referring to their signature de champion roast duck right? yeah, i was expecting the skin to be ultra crisp, but it was soft instead. the drunken duck was very crisp though.

20 August, 2010  
Blogger boo_licious said...

ah, this is one of those places at the back of my mind that I have been meaning to try out since Bsar Babe blogged abt it. Drunken duck sounds sinfully good, will try and order one to sample. Thxs for the tip.

27 August, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

boo: yes, i really enjoyed the drunken duck. hope their QC remains though, since choi yen said she went a few times but QC differs...

30 August, 2010  
Blogger melvinftc said...

As usual, I was driving around Menjalara looking for a lunch.

Drove pass this shop, around 2.40pm, still many leftover hang on the glass panel. I was starving, who cares?! Just give a shot and ended up badly dissapointed.

"leong shui" is RM1.80. Comparing to the nearby area, a silk tea ice only RM1.60. Nothing special on the char siew, and stingy enough to give 2 slices of cucumber.

I told the lady boss, it is expensive as my personal opinion. Seems like she can't accept my comment, defense herself and speaks loudly, was trying to embarass me. I just returned with a smile. As customer, I speak out my comment so that they can improve. Anyhow, I can far afford that.

As for me, this shop is very much run down. Toilet is dirty, water leaking here and there, poor lighting, dirty exposed kitchen with the raw meat left on the table.

Will I return? Hell NO. I will tell my surronding friends NOT TO.

How do I got to know this blog? They are desperate enough to print out this blog, and stick on the wall for adversting purpose.

Good luck to them, champion duck!

28 November, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

i'm sorry to hear about your bad experience there. that was my only visit there and i didnt even inform them that i was blogging about it. at that time that i tried, the duck was good. i can see that you had a bitter experience there, but it's a low blow that you'd need to insult my blog too.

01 December, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dun go there, u'll get slaughtered with expensive meal. RM 7 for normal charsiew rice. Not tasty at all.

No aircond, the waiter is bloody rude, filthy floor, filthy table.

02 April, 2013  
Anonymous KL Food Hunter said...

O kewl food here~ The first time I been there with my wife, I ordered
1/2 De'champion Roast Duck
Small plate of Honey Char Siew
Small portion of Spicy Vegetable
2 rice
2 drinks

Duck skin is REALLY crispy !! and a small plate of Honey Char Siew is really caramel melted... Man I almost ordered another claypot of Spicy Vegetable but wife told me about I ate too much... haha

Service wise I got no problem, probably I ordered a lot...

Find the Son or Aunty , no doubt
the fatty dark-skinned foreign worker is really arrogant and irritating... pls look into it , Boss Champion Duck..

23 August, 2013  
Blogger Jeffrey Chui said...

ChampionDuck my Ass!
My latest experience with Champions Duck Kepong Manjalara...
I walked in alone and asked for 1/4 duck. (Note: its 1pm and there are like 15 ducks hanging there)
Boss: No 1/4 only 1/2 duck..
So I asked the wife if they stop selling 1/4, reason being so I can stop going there alone. Wont be able to finish.
Boss replied loudly: You asked me n I replied you already. I am the boss here. We r not selling!
I replied him.. im asking because I want to stop coming alone if they are not selling 1/4 anymore.
The boss told me not to come anymore loudly...
I think its high time we should put a stop to this nonsense duck idiot.. Boycott him!!!

13 May, 2014  
Blogger Don, Twan Huang Loo said...

This morning I went in the shop & plan to Tapao the Roast Duck. After checking the price with the lady boss, I decided not to buy fr them caused I think the price is on the high side.
I leave the shop immediately I say thank you to them. The response I get from them is “dont come in if cannot afford la”… & It was repeated many many times…
I think they are super RUDE & we do not owe them for not buying from them… I will definitely NOT GOING back there again…

02 January, 2015  

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