Friday, May 11, 2007

Pun Chun Restoran, Bidor

I left early from the foodies gathering at Sandias as I was going to Penang early next morning. Heard that round 2 at the Attic was real fun too..too bad I missed that :-(
Not sure about you guys, but if I'm going to Penang, I'll usually stop by Bidor, famous for the herbal duck noodles and chicken biscuits..Well, at least my friends would insist to pop over for the noodles.
As for me, the main attraction is not the noodles; I'm totally besotted with the woo kok (yam puff) instead..
Business is always fantastic, virtually packed everytime I'm there. After a tedious task of getting the waiter to take our orders, we snacked on woo kok while waiting for the noodles. I simply adore the woo kok in Pun Chun; the yam paste velvety and creamy, the filling savoury and fragrant, and the exterior crunchy yet very satisfying
Saw the a lady rushing out with a few freshly roasted duck.. Could not help myself but to order..Came out average..sauce was too salty; meat was rather tough and the skin was not crispy..
The herbal duck noodles was served soon after...looks pretty good. I did not really want to order this as I noticed at times, it tasted darn good, on other occasions, tasted mediocre. But since we came all the way for this, tak kan lah tak makan? Luckily, this bowl was tasty, the duck meat was tender, falls off the bones easily, the soup, herby but not overpowering. Even the noodles was springy and had a nice bite to it..
Had the wantan mee too.. The char siew was so-so, didnt really like the red colouring of the meat. Noodles was good though, very springy, reminding me of those in hong kong. The wantans fared better, the filling of mince pork and prawns was very fresh and sweet. And of course, after the meal, we'd buy some snacks such as chicken biscuits, sak kei mah, etc strategically located in the restoran and next to the cashier..
Pun Chun Restoran is located at 38-40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak. Tel:05-4341554/ 4341562. Drive towards Bidor town, Pun Chun is located at the main street of this quiet town. Ask a local, you cant miss it.

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Anonymous jason said...

So, this is the famous Bidor duck noodle? Thanks for the review!

11 May, 2007  
Anonymous Jungle Jerry aka J*Ho said...

This is the trip i missed!


It's more and more char siew here!

11 May, 2007  
Blogger MeiyeN said...

i am going to penang next month but bad enough, flying there! so... i definitely can't make a stop at bidor... :(

12 May, 2007  
Anonymous durianberry said...

I passed by this restaurant but I was with my Muslim friends then. It's most probably not halal and I just stare at the shop longingly as the car drove by! I wish I could take a bite out of these pics :P

12 May, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

jason: yes, this is the one. just an hour away frm ipoh wor..didnt pop over?

jem: this trip was just not d same w/o u :(..not that much charsiew la..

meiyen: aiyo, wasted :(

durianberry: you did? yeah, very not halal at all..hehe..guess another time to try it then?

12 May, 2007  
Anonymous jason said...

SC: No ler since nobody here are interested to go and try. Can't go by myself right? :(

12 May, 2007  
Anonymous Timothy said...

Oh how I miss Bidor food. Used to drop by a lot last time. Tar pau for me, can ah ???

13 May, 2007  
Blogger Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love the duck noodles here, especially the "dry" version which comes with an aluminium container full of yummy soup. Aaah...such sweet memories!

14 May, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

jason: aiyo, so sad :(

timothy: can tar pau, if i'm there again (which may be in a year's time)..hehe

lyrical lemongrass: there's a dry version? hmm, i've never noticed it before. would love to try that version

14 May, 2007  

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