Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pork parts noodles, JB

This is a very non halal post.. (obviously from the title ;p)
The above title is actually not the name of the stall, but it dont seem to have any name at
I was told that this is one special dish that you cant find in other states. Heck, I cant even find it in Kluang! This is a family favourite for SF and SL, they have been eating this for years and after hearing about this for the past few days, I want to try it too :p The concept is simple, all the pork parts are braised in a huge pot. I bet they simmered it for hours, all the parts came out tender and lovely to eat..
Clockwise from top left: Braised eggs and pig's ears(hidden at bottom), pork slices, pork belly and pig's tongue.
Aaahh, I know, you must be thinking, "I've taken this wat. All the pork parts with chilli..".. Yes yes, I thot the same too. Then I got my bowl of kuay teow.. The broth is the braised pork broth. Nope, you dont eat it with rice, this is a noodles dish and all the pork parts are supposed to go with it ;). We ordered pork slices, pig's tongue, pig's ears, pork belly, braised egg and beancurd. I must say that everything is good (but i didnt try the ears though..), all tender and tasty, smothered with loads of lard and oil. The sauce base differs a lil from the norm too, not the usual dark soy sauce mix, but a lighter, salty-sweet version which enhances the pork parts sweetness..Dipped in their homemade chilli, it strikes a perfect balance with the meat.
Nonetheless, I do find the soup base too overpowering, a tad strong on the 'porky' smell (i call it "jum pan sou" in canton) which may put some people off...
What Julianne thinks?
Sinful, yummy but freaking unhealthy.
For pork and pork parts lovers, this is a must (and if you are in JB la..). The stall is located opposite Sekolah Taman Tun Aminah 2. Is in some makeshift zinc/ open food court joined with a row of shops. If you see Restoran Hai Lu, the stall is in front of it. Along Jalan Hulubalang 10 (Honda/Suzuki shop at junction).

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