Monday, May 23, 2011

Roadtrip- Perak (Part 3)

Can you write another post soon? Enough of vegetarian as the main page of your blog.
A friend asked me recently.
Ok, I have to admit, I've been neglecting my blog for sometime now.
Yes, the thought of 'retiring' from food blogging has crossed my mind many times recently and am still seriously comtemplating the decision.
But, I still have a friend reading my blog, and for that, I shall continue to blog. For now.
I'd better wrap up the Perak trip- the final part of it.
The third day of our road trip and we woke up to a rainy, dull morning in Taiping.
Sigh, I guess it garnered the "wettest" town in Peninsular for a reason..
Cold morning means hungry tummies and we promptly made our way in seek of Kaka, my sis-in-law's favourite breakfast place whenever she's back in her hometown.
It was full house at Kaka's, obviously a favourite haunt for the locals.
The owner, sensing we are 'not from Taiping' was very nice and led us to available seats. He recommended some popular choices to us, which we agreed to have.
Nothing beats boiling hot broth warming up the body on a chilly morning. We had a bowl of kuey teow soup noodles each, and shared a bowl of porkballs and fishballs.

The soup was light, yet had a sweetness from the pork bones. The flat noodles was smooth, lovely to just slurp it all down. The accompanying homemade chilli was a popular side 'dish'. Well, I'd rather lable it as side dish as most diners take it by the spoonfuls, dunking into their soup or dipping each noodles mouthful generously with chilli.

The meatball and fishballs were nice, but the braised chicken feet was a choice most patrons preferred, which I didnt get to try as my traveling partner dont take such 'delicacies' (the portion was too large for me alone :( ..).

After our satisfying breakfast at Kaka's, we went for a short walk at Taiping lake, since the rain stopped and this seemed to be our only window of opportunity to pop over :p.

Very trainquil, misty morning, Lake Taiping is picture perfect.

You must pop over to enjoy such serenity.
The walk left us slightly hungry, which led us to Restoran Air Kacang Taiping.
We heard that the popiah here was ultra good and we were here to be convinced :p
Are you a fan of wet popiah?
If Yes, then I concede, this was by far the yummiest wet popiah I've ever tasted. It's extremely good, the sengkuang was well cooked and juicy, the rest of the complimenting ingredients were fresh and delish as well. *thumbs up*
The soya milk (i had mine hot and mixed with tau foo fah) was quite nice, but the tau foo fah was not as smooth as Ipoh's.
Satiated from makan, we left Taiping..making our way back to KL..
The weather turned, it was getting hot as we travelled down south. Alicia suggested a stop over at Kampar- for me to pick up the curry chicken bun and for her to get her ais kacang fix.
The ais kacang place was almost deserted- it was way past lunch time, we were the only patrons.
Hmm, I definitely have my reservations.

Still, we were there and ais kacang we must eat. Alicia happily ordered her own tailor made version of ais kacang- she only wants it with red beans and peanuts.

Mine was the original flavour, ie, all ingredients included.

FMK's version was very old school- the shaved ice was thick and uneven, the evaporated milk and gula melaka was generously drizzled all over the dessert, the cendol, red beans, cincau, agar agar, corn paste all brought back wonderful memories of childhood :). If you are looking for refined version, please skip this.

I went to collect the famed Kampar curry chicken bun.For those who are not aware of Kampar's famed produce, this is a very large bun with curry chicken "parcel" hidden inside the bun.

The taste was ok, the bun was soft and a tad sweet, perfect to mop up the curry gravy. I just feel that they should have provided more gravy- there was just too much bun and too little gravy.

Our final detour was to Lata Kijang, a breathtaking waterfall hidden in the jungles.

Though the heat was sweltering, the air was much cooler then moment we were near the waterfall.

The sound of water gushing, birds chirping and insects twittering does wonders to relax one's soul and I felt so at ease when we walked towards the waterfalls.

We were treated with beautiful scenery, of flowing rivers and rajah brookes (theres more here than I've seen in sarawak!) floating all around us.

But of course, nothing could describe the majestic scene that befell us when we reached the clearing..

Simply breathtaking.
Cool water, musical sounds of nature. Such a precious gift from Mother Nature and I hope this place will be maintained as such for many years to come.

As we head home to KL, I am happy that I get to appreciate what Perak has to offer- and I hope I will get to revisit it soon in the future :)

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Anonymous jason said...

Rajah Brooke! There were no people at the waterfall?

26 May, 2011  
Anonymous J2Kfm said...

I read too. Not only a friend okay? :)

I went through that period too, when I felt like giving up and closing the blog for good.

Then somehow, persevered and renewed vigor now. Keep it up, someone's reading somewhere.

27 May, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

jason: only about 15-20 pax nice and quiet..

j2kfm: thanks for your words of encouragement :) very sweet of u. after food blogging for 5 years, it just felt very, very long..

01 June, 2011  
Blogger A humble Taiping kaki said...

Taiping still the best. Nice soup. Should try the wantonmee from kaka also. Wallop the chillies. Must try the Miracle kangen water when in KL. Not cheap. Special invitation only.

03 June, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

taiping kaki: aiseh, i didnt know about the wantan mee :(

13 June, 2011  

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