Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yogood crunchy muesli

Last year, when I was contacted by the people from Pristine to try their gourmet muesli, I got a pleasant surprise on how good their muesli was.

Since then, they have been passing me their other products to sample- their chocolate coated muesli bars, breakfast toppings etc. But I was not obliged to write about their products, they were just appreciative of comments to improve on their products.
So, when Pristine contacted me recently to sample some of their new launches, I was so enticed by it's packaging and deliciousness of the muesli that I just had to share ;)
Pristine gave 2 new products to me-
Yogood Fruit & Nut Crunchy muesli and Yogood Chocolate & Nut Crunchy Muesli..

One look at the packaging and I've already made up my mind that the chocolate version would taste way better than the other flavour :p

Tried the chocolate crunchy muesli first..I've always preferred crunchy muesli- the crunchiness would mask the slightly card-board texture of the muesli :p. Give the package a good shake- all the nuts were at the bottom of the pack. The chocolate flavour was just perfect-not too sweet with a slight tinge of bitterness. The milk gets cloudy and chocolaty after a while, I felt like I was eating an adult (albeit a healthier) version of Kokocrunch. Loved the assortment of nuts- hazel, almond, brazil and pecan- all fresh and paired wonderfully with this muesli.

I had my reservations to try the second pack of Yogood crunchy muesli..Why? I dislike dry/ dessicated coconut in my food. And the packaging describes that it has coconut. Ermmm. Anyways, I have to try it and I got such a good surprise. I think the ratio of raisins, dried banana, apple, coconut and nuts were the same as the muesli. Look at the amount of ingredients..yums yums.. I didn't even feel that I was eating muesli.Hehehe. And yes, I could hardly taste the coconut- so all is good. So good that I have a hard choice of deciding which is my favourite....the chocolate or fruit&nut???

I still cant decide..though I'm happily munching away..:p

Yogood Crunchy muesli range is available in all leading supermarkets/ hypermarkets.

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Blogger babe_kl said...

We always eat Posts just to be on the safe side as they're tasty but now I'm game to try this brand :p

22 October, 2010  
Anonymous jason said...

So healthy! Muesli are very expensive here, not sure why.... :(

04 November, 2010  

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