Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bukit Tinggi BBQ, Bentong

When Gary mentioned of a quaint restaurant in Bentong, he was referring to the interesting way the bill was written and not the food. The food, Gary assured us, is delicious.
It was a warm day to have lunch at Bukit Tinggi BBQ..The restaurant was open air and walls were in fact, made of arranged beer and wine bottles. The zinc roof was ultra hot and patrons who visited left their umbrellas as souvenirs hanging at the ceiling, which was also use to absorb the heat. Luckily the restaurant did some sprinkling system above the roof when it gets too hot, to cool down the place.
We were here for 2 main dishes, the rest of the dishes- well, we got them to recommend..
First up, to whet our appetite, some grilled green chili..
I was worried that it's be ultra spicy, but this grilled chili was fresh, crunchy and sweet. The light sauce coating the chili works well to tone down the spiciness (not all of the chili was hot :p). Do try it if you're here. Pretty yummy.
We wanted to have white rice to go with our dishes, but the waiter recommended their 'special rice'..
It's mun fan (braised rice), liberally braised in multi coloured fresh vegetables. I'm quite sure I've absorbed the required vitamins for the day from this plate of rice.
One of the dish that we came for...The seafood pot..
The large pot of clams, lala, prawns, crabs was served as simply as possible and I do applaud them for that. The natural, wonderful flavours of the seafood was retained, the texture of the seafood was heavenly. Gorgeous dish.
They didn't waste any part of the seafood pot- the essence of the seafood- the sweet juices, dripped to the bottom layer of the pot was cooked with the vegetables they harvested for the day. Wonderfully belly warming and satisfying.
We were also recommended to try their Mm Hou Sek Gai (directly translated as Bad Tasting Chicken in Cantonese)..But why should we order that?? The waiter laughed and took that order for us..
Here's our chicken dish. Looks decent, taste wise, it's quite good- feels like a cross between salt baked chicken with roasted chicken, with small hints of herbs. Ah, so it's not Bad Tasting chicken, it's actually, Mmmm Hou Sek Gai ( means Mmmm, delicious chicken! in Cantonese).

And finally, the dish that I've been waiting for..Their grilled Rack of Lamb..When Gary raved about it before we came, I was wondering what was all the fuss about. Now I finally understood. This was the best rack of lamb I've ever sunk my teeth into and I'm so very glad I made my way here to try it. The lamb was tender, ultra juicy and so fresh with the gamey flavour I love. But nothing can compare to the ultra crisp lamb skin. The aroma wafting from the skin was a killer and the taste, omg, was simply divine! It was akin to biting into a piece of crunchy butter, the flavour was mouth-watering thick and beautiful. Too rich for your liking? Have it with their freshly made mint and lime concoction, lightens the flavour- still tasty nonetheless.

Overall, it was a very good meal, though the pricing was not that cheap (given it's location).

Can you take a guess what's what in my bill? :p

Here's the address and map of Bukit Tinggi BBQ.

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Blogger qwazymonkey said...

This is one of my favourite out of town restaurants! Love everything about it and the food is always awesome. Tempted to take a drive there now.

30 August, 2010  
Blogger boo_licious said...

My tummy is rumbling now...everything sounds so good. Will definitely make a trip one day to sample those goodies.

30 August, 2010  
Blogger J said...

LOL... that bill looks like its written in some code/ alien language!!

30 August, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

qwazymonkey: really good food ya? i've yet to try their famed 'standing tilapia' and bamboo prawns/ crabs. am so missing the food now!

boo: hehehe almost everything's good :p the rice was nice, but not as good compared to the rest.

J: yeah, and we had to guess what's what..

30 August, 2010  
Blogger choi yen said...

ET language =.="

30 August, 2010  
Blogger minchow said...

I have heard of this place and everything looks very agreeable!! Mun Fan is quite a refreshing version too... all major food groups represented!

30 August, 2010  
Blogger UnkaLeong said...

If only the boat had departed from Tenggol as scheduled, we would have made it to this restaurant for lunch. LOL! What a weird looking bill!

01 September, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

choi yen: hahaha more like stone age...

minchow: you should try it one day, am sure you'll enjoy it

unkaleong: ah, sure you'll pop by to try the food one day .. yums :)

01 September, 2010  

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