Friday, May 28, 2010

Euro Deli, Damansara Kim

A pleasant, family place for some porcine goodness at a reasonable price, Euro Deli has always enjoyed a steady stream of loyal customers.

A not so loyal customer like yours truly, aherm, only popped by recently hearing that the damansara kim branch went through renovation and is a much larger restaurant now. And I was pleasantly surprise that now it does look like a proper family restaurant, seating more than double it's previous size.
As we were still full from lunch, we could only manage a main each, no starters nor desserts.
Some hot rolls on the house while waiting for our mains..
Soft bread with lightly salted butter.

It didnt take that long for our mains to arrive..
I had the Emmenthaler Sausage (pork sausage), RM19

Came in 2 nice, plump pork sausages and 3 sides. The sausages was delicious, it was not too salty and oozing with light cheese filling. The sides, which was usually unappreciated, won us over with it's simple (not too sour) sauerkraut, good sampling version of potato egg salad and coleslaw.

Amy ordered a Pork Chop (RM23)

Thick slab of pork chop smothered with creamy mushroom sauce. The pork chop was solid, with the right amount of chewiness and was quite juicy. The sauce was an excellent accompaniment to the pork, we almost lapped everything up :p

I'm glad that Euro Deli's food still remains satisfactory even though I've not stepped in for ages. Amy, who have never tried Euro Deli's selection before was suitably impressed.

Euro Deli is located 41, Jalan ss20/11, Damansara Kim. They have other branches around PJ and KL too.

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Blogger mimid3vils said...

I love sausage~~~

29 May, 2010  
Blogger J said...

Cool... It's always nice when a restaurant can still satisfy/impress after all this time. :)

31 May, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

mimid3vils: go have some now! :p

J: yeah, I was pleasantly surprise :)

03 June, 2010  

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