Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dim sum@ Jaya Palace, PJ

Whenever I crave for dim sum in PJ, it's not hard for me to decide on Jaya Palace. The dim sums there reminds me of those in HK (almost) and the portions are generous. On weekends, the restaurant is bustling- large families, children running about, peals of laughter can be heard frequently. Only thing missing was the pushcarts filled with piping hot dim sum.
Their dim sum menu had quite a selection of steamed dim sums, deep fried dim sums, porridge, noodles, appetizers and roasted meats to choose from. Since there's only 2 of us that day, I cant order that much :(
The har gau..
Thin skin with a generous filling of succulent prawns. Good way to start our brunch, piping hot prawns warmed our bellies immediately.
The special siew mai..
Jaya Palace's version reminds me of the siew mai served in Lin Heung, HK. Well, looks alike, but I must say, this one tasted better. There's 3 types of siew mai in this plate- one topped with pork liver, the other with stomach while the last was with quail egg. The toppings were not impressive, it was the meat that got my vote. The pork was chopped coarsely with mushroom and prawns-the combination was luscious, springy and delicious.
The deep fried turnip must be eaten fast..
The crust was nice and flaky when it's piping hot, it does feel a tad thick when it's cold. The filling of turnip came juicy, slightly mushy and aromatic, a nice contrast to the crunchy skin. I've tried this a couple of times and I noticed the filling differs on several occasions. Sometimes, it had a thin layer of cheese in it.
I was rather excited when I saw that steamed beef balls was in their menu..
Alas, it's not the texture I was looking for. Sure, the centre was pink and pretty, but the texture was rather fishball like, rather than the mince meat version that I much preferred. Taste wise, it was decent though, the beef was fresh and bouncy to bite.
For steamed spareribs lovers like me, please make sure you order this!
The sauce was light and aromatic with wine, the ribs was smooth and supple while the yam bits at the bottom of the plate came as a wonderful complement to the spareribs. Yums!
The stir fried carrot cake was a disappointment though..
We were so sure that it'll taste good as it smells excellent and looks mouth watering. Most unfortunately, it was too salty. I've never reordered this again on my other visits, maybe I will...one fine day.
The xiao loong bau on the other hand, got our votes..
The soup filling was robust and smooth, the meat moist and went delightfully with the vinegar sauce.
Another one of my must order- yam puff
An enjoyable version, the yam paste was velvety and the filling was not too salty.
Though we were stuffed, we had to end our meal with some desserts :p
The ubiquitous chilled mango puree with pamelo. I seriously had low expectations of this dessert, how different can it be? Yes, well, the ingredients were the same, but the preparation definitely made a difference. The puree was creamy and the texture was obvious from blended fresh mangoes. The level of sweetness was perfect, ie, not too sweet. Satisfying way to end the meal :).
I cant recall the exact amount we paid, but it averaged about RM30+ per pax.
Jaya Palace is located at Wisma LYL, Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. As Jaya Palace is a branch of Imbi Palace, guess PJ based fans of Imbi Palace dimsums have a closer alternative now.

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Blogger minchow said...

I do miss those pushcart days... dim sum just isn't the same without everyone at the table craning our respective necks and keeping our ears open for our desired items. Still the har gau here looks too luscious to miss!

05 May, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

minchow: yeah, pustcarts just seems more exciting right? waiting for a nice surprise :) har gau's nice, but i prefer the special siew mai..the pork base was awesome.

06 May, 2010  

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