Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have you Lou-ed? :)

Am back- well rested and feeling very prosperous indeed (from the non stop eating since pre CNY :p)..
From all the eating and drinking, am sure many of us have eaten multiple lou sangs :p, but if you have not, there's a few I've tried, maybe can help you with some decision making? :D

Extra Super Tanker
With a name like that, one would assume that the portions are gigantic. I guess so since the captain actually prevented us from ordering some dishes as she deemed that what we've order 'were too much and we cant finish it". hmmm.
We had half portion yee sang (RM33)
This was the smallest, most miserable portion of yee sang I've ever seen. Size aside, the taste was ok- very old school taste other than the fact that they used olive oil for a healthier alternative.
Funny that they say about being healthier eating coz the dishes they recommended were rather sinful..
We had the roasted duck served with their steamed bread (RM78, full portion)..
The roased duck was delicious; it was very juicy, the meat was nicely marinated with some herbs flavour while the skin was crisp. The carved duck meat was stuffed into the homemade buns, with some deep fried yam, fried dried shrimps and sweet bean paste. I find it too oily- having the plain old roasted duck was better.
Other dishes we tried was the Thousand Layer Tofu and some chicken with fish paste and cheese (not in menu, it was recommended by the restaurant)
The thousand layer tofu was nice to go with rice as the sauce was rather salty. The tofu was quite fragrant, the layered mince pork goes well with the salty sauce and sauted shalots.
The deep fried fish paste, chicken, cheese dish was too rich for me. The cheese was oozing, the deep fried skin retained a lot of oil and even the century egg slices did not tone down the richness. The honey mustard dip was nice though.
The final part of the dinner ended with the Lap Mei Farn ( Waxed sausages rice, RM60)
Freaking huge pot, the waxed sausages was served in a separate plate. A quick mix and we get a yummy bowl of fluffy waxed sausage rice. Very nice though we suspected that the sausages were steamed separately and the oil was poured over the rice before serving (rather that steaming together with the rice pot).

Jaya Palace
It was a busy night when we went for dinner at Jaya Palace. There was a wedding reception, a company dinner and us, walk-ins...Not sure if the quality was compormised since it was a very busy and messy night.
Many of our initial orders were "not available" or "sold out". :(
So we settled for the Yee Sang..
Nice version and some sliced pears were used- gave a refreshing, sweet crunch to the yee sang. The sauce was not too sour nor sweet, which was good.
Other dishes we order were 2 portions of the roasted pork, Wayne's favourite. This was not the melt in mouth types, but solid meat, crunchy skin types. Goes well with the mustard but am still a loyal fan of melt in mouth roasted pork. The salt and pepper pork ribs was average. Meat was dry and marination was weird (to me). The beancurd was silky and light, which I liked while the braised white cabbage with dried scallop was delicious with white rice and comfort food for the hungry belly.
Everyone agrees that the smoked duck was excellent though...
The duck meat had absorbed a lovely, lingering smoky aroma. Still tender, the sauce went very well with the duck. Absolutely scrumptious.
Mei San Szechuan Restaurant
We wanted some halal lou sang and Mei Shan was very near our office..
The yee sang was the worst I've tried so far..
Why? Coz it was not fresh. Some ingredients were soggy. :(
Started off with plans for dishes, but ended with their buffet dimsum. The choices were aplenty and they serve very promptly too, but only a few dimsums were nice. Others were just average and no worries, none were bad. Think the steamed dimsums fared better, the siew mai, steamed otak, some steamed turnip and chicken in foil were all delicious. The longan pak hup dessert was very satisfying too.
Extra Super Tanker Restaurant is located at 48, SS20/10, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-77267768 / 03-77267769.
Jaya Palace Restaurant is located at Menara LYL, 12 Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya .Tel: 03-79682000.
Mei San Szechuan Restaurant is located at Quality Hotel City Centre Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babeee.. welcome back!!!.. me is missing all of u lah.. office soo quiteee... :(

19 February, 2010  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

Have not been to any of the 3 restaurants but seems like the Extra Super Tanker serves interesting dishes.

19 February, 2010  
Blogger Sean said...

ahh, quality hotel is near my office too, and i've often wondered about the chinese restaurant there. have thought of checking it out someday, even though i guess it's strictly halal dim sum...

19 February, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

diha: haha nevermind, you'll be off for hols soon, so bear with it! :p

tummythoz: the recommended dishes at extra ST was rather oily though..need advance order though..

sean: the dim sum was just ok, since it's buffet. but the sze chuan dishes caught my eye. wanna try that on my next visit. join me if you're free since your office is nearby too :)

19 February, 2010  
Blogger minchow said...

I haven't lou'ed once, not even once, this CNY! I am generally underwhelmed by the dish but the Jaya Palace version looks enticing enough! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

20 February, 2010  
Anonymous baDderMan said...

That was really ultra mega prosperous fish meals from 3 top notched raw happiness Chinese ! wish we were there too but ...

21 February, 2010  
Blogger mimid3vils said...

I've tried Jaya Palace smoked duck on my CNY dinner with friends, it taste really great!!!

22 February, 2010  
Blogger CUMI & CIKI said...

happy new year!

22 February, 2010  
Anonymous Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love the food at Extra Super Tanker (even if the yee sang is super small!). Next time, try the pork ribs in fermented bean curd soup. It's highly addictive. :-)

Gong Xi Fa Cai, sweetie.

22 February, 2010  
Anonymous nicolas yongco jr said...

"Think the steamed dimsums fared better, the siew mai, steamed otak, some steamed turnip and chicken in foil were all delicious. The longan pak hup dessert was very satisfying too." - I think all the dish was good and delicious.

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23 February, 2010  

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