Monday, January 18, 2010

Restaurant San Pedro, Portuguese Settlement, Melaka

While looking through my pictures for blogging today, I realised I've yet to clear my Melaka trip...
Since there's so many back logs, might as well clear one that I have realised right? :p
We decided to have dinner at Portuguese Settlement since a few of them have not been there before. The last I went, was about 20 years ago, and when I finally did set foot at the Portuguese Settlement, I could not recognise it.. so much changes..some good, some bad..Oh well, guess we have to move with the times eh? :(
It took us some time to locate San Pedro as we thought it was located in the Food Square/ facing the sea, but in actual fact, it was before the Square, where some row of houses were..
Why was I so adamant about finding San Pedro? Heard that it's the oldest restaurant in the settlement and it serves delish Portuguese can we resist?
It was relatively quiet when we stepped in..It was about 7:15p.m and they were about to close. Yup, that early. Anyways, the cook was willing to cook a few more dishes, so we quickly sat down and placed out order..
The fried brinjal (RM6) ...
Smells terrific, the brinjal actually tasted rather mild. The centre was soft, moist- while the skin was crisp and had bits of spice flavour on it.
The Curry Debal/ Devil Curry (RM15) got the ooohhs and the aaahhhhs...
Solid looking sauce that got my friends extremely impatient with me taking a shot of it. :p. The sauce was the attraction here- thick, sourish, spicy sauce goes so well with white rice that got my friends topping up their plates a couple of times. The chicken was very tender and had absorbed the marination. A must try.
The deep fry squids (RM15) looks like any other deep fried squids?
Yeah, actually it does, and tasted like any other deep fry squids too. The only difference was the fantastic homemade chilli sauce dip..sweetish, sourish and ends with a spicy kick. Nice.
Portuguese Style Prawns (RM46)
Looks like chinese style soy fried prawns, well, it does taste like one in fact. The prawns were very fresh and springy, but was really expecting some rich, creamy sauce rather than pan fried with onions, soy sauce and ginger..
Our final dish came in the form of Baked Fish (RM28)
I find this scrumptious, the fish was fresh, with the right level of cookness, hence we get juicy, sweet flesh..Goes amazingly well with the chilli blend sauce- not sure what's the concoction, the chili had a nice green fragrance to it, lime and ginger? Wish I knew their secret to this- so very addictive..
Overall, we had a fantastic meal here, happily satisfied...
And ending our dinner with a beautiful sunset makes it perfect :)
Restaurant San Pedro is located at 4, Aranjo Road, Portuguese Settlement, Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka. 06-2842170. Try to be early, they close about 7:30pm.

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Blogger backStreetGluttons said...

Malacca gives us untold memories and exquisite sensations ! We love Melaka and Ms Hang Li Poh. The food is unbelievable , mostly cannot remember, especailly Portugese brews

19 January, 2010  
Blogger mimid3vils said...

the prawns really look like what my mom usually cook :P

20 January, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

backStreetGluttons: nice food options, but guess we need to steer clear of the touristy ones?

mimid3vils: aka chinese style yeah?

20 January, 2010  
Blogger pang said...

me too! i guess more than 10yrs oredi! 4 me, d fish is a Must order follow by d devil curry, then of course rice, rice n more rice! ha ha....

24 January, 2010  
Anonymous J2Kfm said...

Yeahloh, thats what my fren recommended to me. Don't go to the Square, for the quality dwindled since commercialization took place.

26 January, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

pang: looks like you really enjoyed the food there... since you can still remember it so vividly at 10 years back :)

j2kfm: the square looks bad and the amount of waiters chasing after you to eat at their stall is scary!

28 January, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow the prawn so expensive?with that money i can eat crabs lor..or u pay me i fry Big Har Lok for u?hahahaha....just tat few pieces and cost rm46 its ridiculous.and the fish rm28?'chop carrot head'? i will never want to visit the thnx.

29 April, 2010  
Anonymous ew said...

i were there yesterday.....but unfortunately..they closed every wednesday...arrrrr!!!....
no fate..

28 October, 2010  
Anonymous Shelley The Food Girl said...

Thanks for the information, very detailed and informative

10 April, 2011  
Anonymous eva magen said...

DAUGHTER OF RESTAURANT SAN PEDRO OWNER... : we are open at 6.00 pm to 9.00pm or 10.00pm ... for more info
please call:
you could even contact us from

10 December, 2011  

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