Monday, November 02, 2009

Kiat Seng Restaurant, Puchong

We were supposed to have dinner in KL..but due to some delay, it was late and my dad dont like late dinners.
So a switch of plan and we were at a restaurant nearby.
Since bro and shirley has been here a few times, they did the ordering..
The homemade tau foo with seafood (RM16)
The thick slab of tau foo was at the base of the claypot. The top was filled with seafood and chopped vegetables. The homemade tau foo was quite solid but smooth, the seafood sauce was light- pretty satisfying in a simple way.
The herbal kampung chicken(RM25)
Very tender chicken with light herbal sauce. By now, I noticed that Kiat Seng serves food that's less salty, which I feel is good. The chicken was quite tasty, but the sauce was rather starchy.
The star at Kiat Seng, the house special steamed tilapia (RM26)
The steamed tilipia was topped with generus amount of preserved vegetables (choy poh) and fried shallots. The combo goes well with the steamed fish (slightly oversteamed though), an interesting yet delicious match.
But the winner to me, was the hong xiu pork (RM18)
When I saw the rather garish red, I thought this will not be a nice dish. The redness of the sauce aside, the braised pork was excellent- the fat melts immediately, the meat was fork tender and had absorbed all the marination. A terrific braised pork indeed.
And to balance the high protein diet, we had a plate of fu yu yau mak (RM12)
Fresh, sweet yau mak with fragrant fu yu and bits of chilli padi. Nice.
Kiat Seng Restaurant is located at 19, Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong. Located next to a few seafood restaurants. Kiat Seng also serves quite a number of seafood (crabs) dishes, guess that would be another meal..

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Blogger mimid3vils said...

oh...The Hong Xiu Pork really frightening me!!!

02 November, 2009  
Blogger thenomadGourmand said...

oh! I want the fish and The Hong Xiu Pork! ONLY.

03 November, 2009  
Anonymous J2Kfm said...

home-cooked fare eh?
puchong is an area i seldom ventured to, though there are a lot of nice eateries around the Bdr Puteri area.

03 November, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

mimid3vils: haha yeah, the colour's quite shocking- but texture wise- it's good..

thenomadgourmand: that specific? maybe they have other famed stuff that i have not tried..

j2kfm: well, not really homecook..but some dishes are really quite bland, which i thought, was good for a change.

03 November, 2009  
Blogger CUMI & CIKI said...

Pork! magic sounding word.. looks like its cooked just perfect man;)

04 November, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

cumi&ciki: yes, love the pork..small portion though :p

06 November, 2009  
Blogger Selba said...

I don't think I've tried tilipia, looks delicious with all the stuff on it. Hong xiu pork? That's also a new dish to me :)

07 November, 2009  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Oooh, melt in the mouth pork! I like how you mentioned this place has less salt and etc. That's always good on my plate.

07 November, 2009  
Anonymous Makan Monster said...

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07 November, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

selba: maybe the tilipia is called something else in bahasa indonesia?

boo: yeah, some dishes were quite bland- which was quite good for us..

makan monster: thanks for the invite..

08 November, 2009  

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