Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lek Seafood, Bangkok

I read about Lek online, a couple of years back when I was about to visit Bangkok then. Always, it'll be slotted as part of my eating itinerary, but somehow, we never did managed to try it. This trip, I was determined indeed...well, partly we were just in Bangkok for shopping, and secondly, my friends left all the planning of the food crawl places to me :p
It not hard to get to Lek Seafood at all, just take the BTS to Chong Nonsi station. Lek is just next to the station(ground level)
It was rather packed when we reached, and we chose our noisy corner. Filled with only local customers, I really hope for a good meal..
Since we have been trying out different cuisines before that, we went for the ubiquitous Tom Yum Goong(RM15)..
Lek's version was scrumptious! The soup was rich, yet not too sour nor overly spicy. You can actually enjoy the fragrance of this soup. And a generous amount of prawns and mushrooms helps too! However, if you are looking for those tom yum that burns your tongue, losing sensation for a few minutes, then this soup is not for you.
And those yummy grilled fresh water prawns (RM20). How can I miss it right? :p
These were super huge, the length of the head was about the size of my palm. The prawns were cooked to perfection; the meat was just cooked, absorbing the smokiness of the charcoal while the roe in the prawns heads were still runny..we were drinking sweet, creamy roe soup..*slurps*
Some local vegetables..Water minosa (RM7)
Looks like kangkung, though center was not hollow. Texture wise, it's similar to paku-pakis, but slightly more fibrous and sweeter. Takes longer to chew, enjoyable nonetheless.
We saw many tables having hot plates.. and we ordered too..
Sliced pork on hot plate (RM12)
Not what other tables had :(. Their's were very dark looking meat. Most probably ostrich meat. Ok, this dish was not bad at all, tasted like a typical chinese stir fried pork slices with bean paste. Pork was tender with some fatty strips.
Our last dish was steamed fish in lime soup (RM30)
Quite a large portion for the 3 of us after the other dishes we had, the slow burning charcoal keeps the soup simmering and the fish, warm. As the fish was kept simmering throughout the meal, the soup gets thicker and sweeter (though the base was still very sour and spicy). Rather addictive, alas we were too full to have the soup refills.hahaha.
Lek Seafood is located at 156 Soi Phiphat, Narathiwatrachanakharin Road, Silom, Bangruk, Bangkok. Just next to Chong Nonsi BTS station.

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Blogger J said...

Wah. The tom yam really looks darn good!!!! :D

21 August, 2009  
Blogger UnkaLeong said...

Lek Seafood...I rememer staggering out and walking home from there after having one too many with the colleagues after work. Next time you go, do try the "Goong Orb Woon Sen". It's basically tung hoon cooked with river prawns served in a claypot.

21 August, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

J: tasted very nice too :)

Unkaleong: i did try the goong orb woon sen, but in another restaurant :). is the version in Lek yummy?

21 August, 2009  
Blogger Selba said...

I like to see how they served the tom yam.. nice...

21 August, 2009  
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22 August, 2009  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

the one opposite T&K also named Lek and Rut.
connected? :)

23 August, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

paramjot: hi! thanks for popping by :). thanks for the invite, shall email you soon.

j2kfm: hmmm, maybe lots of Lek's runs seafood eateries? :p

23 August, 2009  
Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

i miss the food already. when r we going back again?? ;p

24 August, 2009  
Anonymous jason said...

I think I been here before... but I didn't get to eat anything cos was late. The other friends who were there already done eating when I reached. :S

24 August, 2009  
Blogger 550ml jar of faith said...

My search for the ultimate tomyum ends here. Or well, Silom anyway. I must, must have this! Nothing in KL will do!

24 August, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

dragon girl: wah, we just came back neh..earliest would be next year :D

jason: aiks! such a waste :(. should have ordered a bowl of tomyum :p

550ml jar of faith: haha..only if you are Not seeking those ultra spicy/ sour tomyums. I have friends who only enjoy tomyum which is so spicy that their lips get swollen and tongue burns after drinking. Lek's version is rich, but not too spicy nor sour. which i like :)

25 August, 2009  

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