Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cubes Restaurant, Jaya One, PJ

Gosh, I've been trying to post this for 2 days and somehow, the pictures just wont load!


Dinner was at 8pm
We left KL at 7:30pm, very certain that we could reach Jaya One by 8pm.
Wrong, wrong, wrong... :-(
Dataran Merdeka was closed due to RPK's matter and we were stuck in KL jam for about 40 mins.
We finally reached Jaya One, walked around aimlessly until we finally found Cubes.
We apologised; Jun, Amy and Andrew were gracious with the fact that they had to wait till 9 pm for dinner. aiks!
Since it was rather late, we were the only customers and I felt rather stifled with all the attention from the waitresses and maitre d'.
Dinner was served almost immediately, as they had ordered before we arrive (lucky us!)....

We had watercress soup to warm our bellies first..
Quite light and not too salty..

We had half portion of Aromatic Duck..
This dish reminds me of Peking duck as it was served with pancake, sweet sauce, spring onions and cucumbers. However, the skin was not sliced, but the duck meat and skin was rigorously scrapped off from the bones (using fork and spoon) by the server..

We then roll it up with the other condiments...The duck was well marinated, I could taste the herbs infused in the meat. It's quite moist but the duck skin was rather wasted (i love eating duck skin) as it was shredded to a million tiny threads..(hehe, ok, was just exagarating). When I ate the duck meat on it's own, it's more on the sweet side though.

Aubergines cooked with spicy sambal..This was pretty good, especially if eaten with white rice. They find the sauce very spicy, so MC and I finished this dish.

Steamed rice dish which I dont know it's name..some parts of the rice was half cooked, hence it was hard. I didnt like this.

The homemade tofu..Looks pretty and tastes lovely. Tofu was deep fried till golden brown; silky smooth tofu against the crunchy exterior served with delicious scallop mushroom sauce. yummy.

Jun wanted the fried boneless ribs
This would be a good snack with beer as it's really crunchy, yet the meat was tender. A tad on the salty side, this goes well with rice.

We had seafood noodles..
The sauce was way too salty, hence we did not manage to finish this dish..

As Cubes is skewed towards chinese fine dining, the portions are smaller and the prices are heftier. If I didnt recalled wrongly, we paid about RM35 (or was it RM40) per person, exluding wine.
Cubes is located at 18-1, Block L1-1, Palm Square Jaya One, No 72A Jalan Universiti, PJ.

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Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

just read this on the news paper today...and now i read this also..sounds like a good place to wallop lots of rice!

15 May, 2008  
Anonymous Kenny Mah said...

"...the portions are smaller and the prices are heftier."

And given the price hike these days in almost all the makan stuff, it'd only get worse. But Joe, don't wallop too much rice... we have to watch our waistlines too! Food prices aren't the only things affected by inflation, you know... :P

15 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

joe: not all dishes were good though. also, rice not that cheap too, RM2 per bowl..hahahaha

15 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

kenny: yeah, with inflation, hopefully there's some deflation in my tummy size..hahaha..need to lose weight badly ler :p

15 May, 2008  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

wow, more and more chinese fine dining restaurants creeping in huh?
RM2/bowl of rice? understandble cz our country's serious rice issue. hehe ... the duck is appealing. love when you can wrap something before putting in mouth, eg. beijing duck,fajitas,etc

15 May, 2008  
Anonymous tankiasu said...

Wah everything looks so good!!!

15 May, 2008  
Blogger JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Lolx. Aromatic Duck!
Reminds me those days when i was working as a waiter in my uncle's restaurant.We also got sell aromatic Duck, but we called it as " Crispy Aromatic Duck " =)

15 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

j2kfm: you can say that again..hey, you forgot our own local fave popiah? hehe

tankiasu: not all taste fantastic though..

jerome: same same..but different? :p

17 May, 2008  
Blogger Hazza said...

That crispy aromatic duck dish is actually a western chinese dish. We had it at our wedding banquet in the UK and my mum who came all the way from Malaysia really loved it as she never had it before at that time. Its so popular here you can buy then frozen at most supermarkets. I got one in my fridge right now!

17 May, 2008  
Blogger Jason said...

The rice.... looks like "sar pou fan" (claypot rice). Well, just my guess actually :P

17 May, 2008  
Blogger wmw said...

Yah, I for one would love to have the skin not shredded! It's murder! Hahaha...

17 May, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

hazza: hehe..yes, yes heard of it too. since the chef was from london, guess this is an imported
dish? :)

jason: think so..sar pou fan without the sar pou? :p

wmw:yes yes! such a waste hor?

17 May, 2008  
Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

I was there too, their london aromatic duck is very lovely but I prefer not too crispy!

18 May, 2008  
Blogger Shuttertalk said...

Hey. I was there last week. The price is not to hike, The beijing duck is nice. who has go there, How u all think about the food? 1 to 10, Pls e-mail me.

28 July, 2008  
Anonymous JoinMe said...

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15 November, 2011  

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