Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elcerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

SL was down in KL for work, which was pretty we decided to go for a good dinner to wrap up the hectic week.
And when SL asked for my suggestion, well, you can be assured that it wont be vegetarian! :p Some porcine goodness? I suggested..
That was easy to decide.
We reached rather late, the restaurant was already packed with customers; boisterous crowd, loud laughters, random clappings to the breaking of plates everytime a suckling pig was served..warm welcome indeed..
Had some chef complimentary soup which was served at every table..Some sort of bean and pork sausages soup. Creamy and tasty..
Though the Rock Melon and air dried ham combo appetizer is very popular there, we decided to have another appetizer recommended by the waitress..
We had Boquerones The bacons were stuffed with white wine marinated anchovies and fried in olive oil. This was absolutely scrumptious; the bacon was crunchy and the delicately flavoured anchovies complements beautifully...I couldnt ask for more. The salad and onion rings were good, but the bacon rolls were definitely the star..
Next was the Pork Belly Grilled on Lava Stone
I have always loved pork belly meat texture..And Elcerdo did a wonderful job in this. The pork belly was grilled to perfection; slightly charred and smoky on the outside, while the meat was juicy and springy. Loved the fatty bits that gives the pork belly steak a more refined texture. Served with cajun rice and BBQ sauce, this was breathtaking. Sharing this is recommended, else it just gets a bit too sinful..heh
The Marinated Pork Shoulder steak was equally delicious. The pork texture was definitely different from the pork belly; coarser and more chewy. Marinated with paprika, herbs, garlic and onions, each slice of pork was lovely. And those bonito flakes look-a-likes? Are actually fried leeks, in which the manager explained, had high source of fibre to balance out the very meaty meal. Goes well with the bacon mash and salad too..
The manager apologised when the second main was served; she mentioned that the server was new..we would have enjoyed the porky mains better if we had the pork steak before the pork belly; it's was gross injustice to the pork steak. We assured her that we enjoyed both mains; though it was not served in her preferred order.. :D
The desserts looks tempting, sad that we were too stuffed to have it..
Total bill was RM141. Good time, great company and fantastic food (not forgetting the excellent service)..i will be back soon :)
Elcerdo is located at 43&45 Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200, KL. Tel: 03-2145 0511. Do make reservations especially on fridays and weekends.

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Blogger JOjo said...

WOW! The food looks good!Is it a fusion restaurant?

15 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jojo: yeah, it's yummy..dont think it's fusion. western- mostly spanish..

16 March, 2008  
Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

i was expecting to see a pic of the suckling pig (cos i only know that much about el cerdo)...seems they have a much more interesting repertoire than i imagined...ok, soon lah!

16 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

nic: well, i guess i could have asked the table next to ours for a shot of the suckling pig..haha.yes, must say it's interesting, and i'll be back there again (maybe this time, for the suckling piggy..wanna join me?)

16 March, 2008  
Anonymous jason said...

Darn lo.. bad time to read this! *tummy growling*

16 March, 2008  
Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

What can a porkie like me got to say! I love porkie!

16 March, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

You walked in without reservations??? *pouts* I failed to get a table tho I called up 1 day earlier! Ok it was a Sat.

17 March, 2008  
Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

sure, sure! count me in!

ain't nothing better than darn fine piggy platter..hehe

17 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jason: get a snack, quick! hehe

bigboysoven: then you must try this :)

tummythoz: oh we did do reservations..but were there quite late. glad they kept the table for us. i was there on friday though

nic: ok, let me know when you're back.. can get a few makan kaki to join..then can have the suckling piggy..haha

17 March, 2008  
Blogger wmw said...

Hahah...this post is such the opposite to my Bak-less Kut Teh.

19 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

wmw: oh no! makes me feel like a pig (no pun intended) now :( *shifts around guiltily*

19 March, 2008  
Blogger Zawi said...

My next post will be about Chinese/Thai Ffod restaurants. Unfortunately I cant sample the food since they serve non halal food. How about you doing the sampling and write up the next time you are in Kelantan?

19 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

pakzawi: sure! will be waiting patiently for your post :). thanks for popping by!

19 March, 2008  
Blogger Simon Seow said...

Please show me to the pork room.

24 March, 2008  
Anonymous SF said...

Hello hello! I had the suckling pig with parents and sis and it was very good... you have to go back and try it! I know you will love it... :).

25 March, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

simon: pop over and try it!

sf: really? ok ok, will try to revisit this place soon (after i get rid of my excess weight gained from my recent PG trip :p)

25 March, 2008  

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