Monday, October 29, 2007

Berisi Cafe@ Medan Mara, KL

Found this little gem just about 6 months back. I use to walk pass this small eatery a few times, but it never sparked my interest until one day, my boss wanted to eat the kerepek kacang(peanut crackers) sold there.

Mesti cuba mee udang kami lain kali ya. Memang sedap! (You must try our prawn noodles. It's really delicious!) the lady boss told us confidently
We merely nodded, but she did catch my interest :)
We did try it one fine day, and we have been returning for it since...
The owner boasts that their mee udang is as good as the one served in Sungai Dua (famed for the malay mee udang) as they are friends with the Sungai Dua owner and he shared his recipe with the owner of Berisi Cafe.
Though different from the chinese version of prawn noodles, Berisi Cafe's mee udang looks mouth watering nonetheless..
The bowl is filled to the brim with thick prawn stock; cooked with coconut milk, spices and served with a dollop of sweet sambal. It's soup is murky, creamy looking; taste was somewhat sweet, but delicious nonetheless. Prawns are definitely fresh; springy sweet flesh.. My little extra treat would be adding a chunk of bergedil. Berisi Cafe's bergedil is absolutely scrumptious and goes so, so well with their mee udang. Unless you hate potatoes, please add the bergedil (potato pattie).
Berisi Cafe serves 2 other dishes, ie, Soto and Nasi Lemak. If you'd prefer something lighter (in flavour), then their Soto would be your cup-of-tea.. Again, you'll get generous amount of nasi impit at the bottom, topped with loads of shredded chicken ( lady boss told us they use premium quality chooks) and fresh beansprouts. Bergedil is already included in this dish; and once served with their steaming hot soup (sup rempah), you'll better slurp it up quickly. It's a really satisfying dish and if you do want some extra kick to this milder dish, do ask for their chilli..
I didnt take a picture of the Nasi Lemak as I feel that the mee udang and soto outshone it (sorry nasi lemak!). Makes it looks pretty plain next to the 2 stunners..hehe
Berisi Cafe is located Lot 1.10 Medan Mara (just a walk from Sogo Shopping center), Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur. Mobile no: 019- 229 1650.

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Anonymous jason said...

Malay food.. must admit that I seldom have them. :(

30 October, 2007  
Anonymous tankiasu said...

You are right, the mee udang looks very tempting!

02 November, 2007  
Anonymous Abner said...

I would love to have some of those soto. Have not tasted good soto since dunno when. And I am a bergedil fan. Yummy. Alas, going down to kl on weekends to have it... mmm... chances are slim le.

07 November, 2007  
Anonymous vkeong said...

Your blog appeared in TheStar! Congratulations!

11 November, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

thanks vkeong! your's was also feature last week ;)

11 November, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

jason: maybe it's time to try this? ;)

tankiasu: taste as good as it looks..

abner: you must try this! begerdil is so so good!

11 November, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11 November, 2007  

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