Friday, August 17, 2007

Tepi Sawah, Bali

This will be my last post on Bali...did I hear a faint Hurray! somewhere? hehe

We were on our way back from Ubud, when we decided to have dinner. Ketut suggested Tepi Sawah, which he said, serves very good nasi goreng (fried rice). Should we trust his recommendation? There were a few hits, but also misses on his previous recommendations...

Since it's late and we are really hungry...
It's getting pretty dark at Tepi Sawah, do note that the lightning is pretty bad..Yes, it's romantic with dimmed lights, candles and all, but hey, it's so dark at the walkway to the entrance you might trip even before you could enjoy what's in there..
Now, that aside, Tepi Sawah is a cozy restaurant located, yup, you guessed it, next to a paddy field...
We took our time ordering, a compulsory would be the nasi goreng (the whole reason we decided to come anyways..)

The nasi goreng....Ketut was right! It's very tasty, the rice was full of wok hei, the ingredients and spices tasted wonderful. I didnt think that the fried shrimps, fried satay lilit, crackers and egg would swerve my opinion. The rice is nice. Hey, it rhymes! hehe

We decided to have a duck dish as we tried some yummy duck at Bedugul Lakeview previously, think this should be good too..This is the fried duck we had. Looks slighly malnourish coz, again, the ducks and chicken here are, small compared to those in Msia.. Irregardless, this duck tasted amazing! It's so crispy, some parts of the could be eaten! The meat was very well marinated, every bite has the subtle hint of spices while the meat remains tender and juicy...

Bollywood Queen spotted a rather interesting dish, grilled cock fighthing chicken.
So I guess the one we're eating lost the fight eh? I asked the waitress..
She stared at me blankly..Oh, okaayyyy...
We were rather worried that the meat would be tough as afterall, it's a 'sports' chicken..haha..muscly ma.. It smelled fantastic; smoky, salty smell that makes me wanna devour it immediately. The meat was surprising juicy, even juicier than the duck. The skin was grilled until it's crispy, with a lingering smoky aftertaste. A tad spicy with the marination, I would recommend this cock fighthing chicken anytime...

Of course, we didnt realised that the best was yet to come..
Lo and behold, the pork ribs.. This must be one of the best pork ribs (not that I've tried that many) i've ever sunk my teeth in..The exterior was covered with sweet sticky sauce, the meat grilled till slightly charred and had that bit of crispyness to the bite. The meat melts off the bones, so tender yet perfectly marinated. I believe they used a rather young pig(maybe even a piglet?) as the bones are a tad tiny and the meat's texture is very fine. Please please order this..hehe
Total bill was RM145, that's inclusive of 2 more plates of nasi goreng and drinks.
Tepi Sawah is located at Jl Raya Goa Rajah, Br Teges, Peliatan, Ubud 80571 Bali,Indonesia. Tel: (0361) 975656. Email:

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Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

wah looks so gorgeous.

19 August, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

big boys oven: i think it tastes better than it looks..hehe

19 August, 2007  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..the pork ribs..sigh..

21 August, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

yes joe..pork ribs was soooo goooodd...hungry now thinking of it..

24 August, 2007  

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