Monday, July 30, 2007

Rumah Makan Bedugul Lake View, Bali

It was rather chilly when we were at Lake Batur. After walking and snapping loads of pictures, it was only natural that we wanted to eat, the cold makes us hungry real quickly..hehe

Luckily for us, our lunch was only 2-3 minutes drive from the lake. :)

Rumah Makan Bedugul Lake is a simple restaurant that has a very nice view of the lake (from afar). We decided to seat at the extension of the restaurant, build with planks and supported by sturdy wood at the bottom. Ordering was prompt, we decided to have their specialty, ayam bakar taliwang as recommended at the entrance..
Drinks were served first, and I ordered kopi jahe which was something I've not tried before. It's actually kopi Bali with halia (coffee with ginger). I've tried teh halia, so, kopi halia should be ok? The ginger taste was pretty distinct, most unfortunately, the coffee tasted slightly burnt. Not so fantastic, just an average beverage..
Our salad came next, well, it's called pelecing kang kung there, which is actually spicy chinese water spinach.This is a very appetising dish actually, the sauce is very spicy and sourish; the vegetables were sweet and refreshing; and the peanuts add some crunchy and savoury taste to this dish. I like this.
We had the bebek bakar (roasted duck) which was really lip smacking. I noticed that the ducks in Bali are small, we ordered a portion of this, which was not sufficient! The skin was very crispy, I would have thought that they deep fried the duck, but after taking a bite, there was a subtle smoky flavour lingering amidst the spices and herbs marination. Love it. Didnt like the accompanying sauce though, tasted like diluted peanut butter with chilli oil. Just skip the sauce and enjoy the duck in it's full glory. ;)
We wanted to have pecel lele (fried catfish), most unfortunately, they ran out of it and we settled for gurami goreng. I was a tad worried that this fish would have the muddy taste, luckily for us, the fish was fine and very fresh. Juice squeeze some lime juice on it, and it's a pretty delicious deep fried fish. Not as good as the duck though...hehe
Alas, the star of the restaurant, ayam bakar taliwang... I'm not sure how they roast their meat in Bali, but again, the chicken looks like it was deep fried (though now we know it's not). The chooks there are small too, the drumstick was tiny! Still, this is one tasty chicken, very well marinated with herbs and spices; and the meat was very springy and sweet. Very tasty. A satisfying meal with a total cost of approx RM30. It's all good.. ;) Rumah Makan Bedugul Lake View is located at Jalan Jurusan Denpasar, Singaraja, Candi Kuning. From Candi Kuning/ Lake Batur exit, take a left turn. Drive on for about 2-3 minutes. You'll see some stalls along the lake. Just after the stalls is the restaurant on your left.

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Anonymous jason said...

Most probably the duck and chicken is still a juvenile? They do look very mouth-watering neh :P~~

30 July, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

jason: dont think so ler..all the chooks and ducks i've tried in bali are like this. still sedap giler nonetheless. hehe

30 July, 2007  
Blogger wmw said...

Duck, I love them ducks!

30 July, 2007  
Blogger Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The duck, chicken and fish look very appetising. Can't say much for the kopi tho! LOL.

30 July, 2007  
Blogger team bsg said...

surprising that they can take ducks there and also the dishes look different from here. must taste new and exciting ? haha

31 July, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

wmw: me too!

lyrical lemongrass: yeah, the coffee is sorta.. erm, average. other dishes were tasty though..

team bsg: we were quite surprise too. duck seemed to be one of the common dish there..yes, food definitely tasted different, albeit, a tad dry as most of their dishes are without gravy..

01 August, 2007  
Anonymous vsint said...

Hmmmm......seemed to be able to reference a culinary tour when I went to the area where

15 June, 2011  

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