Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Restoran Bah Kut Teh Shun Heng, Sunway Mas

No I did not spell BKT wrongly, just following their sign board.. Having BKT at Shun Heng was rather unplanned for as redv as looking at going somewhere further like serdang for food.. anyways, change of plans, decided to eat somewhere near instead. Dragon joined us too since she was around that area..
We reached there slightly after 12noon, and only 2 tables were occupied. Hmm, maybe not such a good choice for lunch? The reason for us to pop over to Shun Heng was due to the fact that it serves dry BKT and since redv and dragon have never tried dry BKT before, might as well try here (rather than driving to Klang)..
My second time trying dry BKT since my first trying in Klang. The orders took some time to come, though not extremely slow..
The BKT was served first. The soup was fine, quite herby, though not sufficiently bitter (foo kum in cantonese) for me. The meat (of lean, ribs and mixed fatty types) were tender and does not 'stick in your teeth' as redv pointed out. Although it was not as good as those in Klang, dragon do find Shun Heng's better than some BKT shops in PJ.
We were served with white rice mixed with fried shallots. Looks pretty that I had to take a picture of it..Texture was just right.
And finally, the dry BKT..Ok la, ada standard (there's a level of quality) compared to the one I had in Klang (which I dont know where I went, an uncle brought me to a kampung which I was totally lost). The meat (lean and short ribs) were tender, heavily infused with the intense flavour of sliced cuttlefish, dried chillies, okra and onions. Stir fry with dark soy sauce and sugar, you hardly get any gravy, but just a coat of sticky, caramelised, fragrant sauce enveloping the meat..I was told that the meat used were the same as those served for soup BKT, hence it was so tender. For those who are not willing to drive to Klang to have dry BKT, I think Shun Heng's dry BKT does a pretty fine version of it.
Finish the meal with a hot pot of chinese tea on a rainy afternoon..ahhh, wonderful. hehe. Total bill was RM34 (BKT for 3 ppl, 4 plates of rice and pot of chinese tea).
What Julianne thinks?
Tasty and filling

Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Shun Heng is located at No. 9-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, PJ.Tel: 012-392 3082. Drive towards Aman Suria, it's the business center next to it. At Jin Shan Cheng (your landmark, corner, on your right), turn right. Drive on, turn right again. Shun Heng is on your left, facing a kopitiam.

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Blogger Xiu Long Bao said...

Nvr tried dry BKT before. The rice looks gud wiv shallots but i still prefer to hav yam rice to go wiv my steaming hot bowl of BKT :)

28 March, 2007  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

Yam rice not easily found in KL, rite? Gimme soupy BKT anytime. Just cannot accept black dry dish as BKT.

28 March, 2007  
Blogger tankiasu said...

Yay, finally a "nearby" BKT for lunch. Me and my colleagues were so upset when few of our usual haunt for BKT in PJ closed down recently.

28 March, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

xiu long bao: really? it's very different frm the norm BKT though..wah, yam rice with BKT..hard to find in PJ *drools*

tummythoz: yup, hard to get yam rice..haha, you are not the only one who cant accept dry BKT. some of my klang frens have the same opinion too ;)

tankiasu: there's quite a number of BKT shops at Sunway Mas, but this is the only one that serves both the soupy and dry versions. Not too high expectations on the soup BKT ar, not as good as those in klang..;p

28 March, 2007  
Blogger Kenny Mah said...

O the dry BKT looks dee-lee-cious! I love dry versions of old favourites --- looks like I have yet another new dish to try. Thanks for showcasing this, sc! :)

28 March, 2007  
Anonymous jason said...

Never try the dry version before. Ipoh don't have rice with fried shallots to go with the rice too, just normal plain rice

28 March, 2007  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Must try the dry BKT as yet to sample any at all. Thxs for the tip.

28 March, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

kenny:welcome, kenny :).yup,it's pretty yumz and since I hav yet to find another restaurant that serves dry BKT in PJ, guess this place is a good start for u

jason: hi, thanks for popping over! dry version is totally different frm BKT, u shud try it if u hav d opportunity. maybe u could get d BKT shop in ipoh to prepare some fried shallots just for u? ;)

boolicious: welcome boo. do try it, shun heng's version is pretty good

29 March, 2007  
Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

tankiasu, which BKT in PJ was closed down?

29 March, 2007  
Anonymous jason said...

sc: Hi, you're welcome. Yeah, looking forward to try that... Em, they sure will charge me for the fried shallots :p

29 March, 2007  
Blogger Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I've lived in Klang for over 10 years and have yet to try dry BKT. :-( Now that I am not in Klang anymore, I shall have to check out this place. It certainly looks really delicious! Thx for the review!!

29 March, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

jason: no la, just a bit of fried shallots, how to charge? bring along a pretty girl, am sure will get it free ;p

lyrical lemongrass: you're welcome. try it and tell me what u think :)

30 March, 2007  
Anonymous jason said...

sc: Hahaha... Let me try that and let you know :p

30 March, 2007  
Anonymous Jungle Jerry said...

For good BKT, Klang is just 15 minutes away from from the Damansara Toll gate.

There are also some good ones in SS14 if Klang is too far for you. Andrew Mr. Nismo, if you're reading this, take SC to the teowchew BKT shop next to the Hyundai showroom.

12 April, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

aiyo jungle jerry, of coz i know the best BKT is in klang la :p.. andrew so bz, where got time to bring me makan bkt?

16 April, 2007  

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