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Restaurant Brother Yat, Subang Light Industrial Park

I would never know about this place if it's not for my brother.. His fishing kaki has a factory there and my brother decided to meet him for dinner. With me being thick face and all, tagging along, we went to Restaurant Brother Yat, hidden in Subang Light Industrial Park..It was rather amazing that amidst rows of factories, there's this lone restuarant sprouted out of nowhere. And more surprisingly, it was full house! Where the heck did all these people come from? Unc Terence ordered for us, so I waited patiently for the food.
First dish was the yu piew kang (fish maw soup), which looks pretty awesome. I had to take the picture from me tiny bowl as unc terence don't understand the fuss about taking food picture and he started serving even before I could say cheese! hehehe. The soup was thick, flavourful, tastes very much like sharkfins soup. The cook was generous with the fish maw, I had lots of it :). In fact, I think this soup may be better than quite a number of sharkfins soup I've tried at expensive chinese restaurants. My bro and unc terence thought the soup was not as good as usual though, maybe it was nearing CNY and the cook was too busy?
They did not managed to order their 'usual' dishes as most of the food was sold out (we went there rather late) and we settled for salted egg mantis prawn.This was alright, the mantis prawns had a light salted egg layer enveloping it. And the batter was not too thick, at least we could still see the prawn meat when we bite into it :p.
The fooyoong egg was mediocre.Unc terence said this was not as good as usual days as it was a rather oily dish. Still, I like eggs slightly burnt from the 'heat of the wok', so this was ok as a fried omellete of sorts.
My bro particularly requested for their stir fried brinjal and I know this would be a yummy dish :). Rather than the usual gravy-ish brinjal, the cook stir fried the brinjal strips till dry and crispy on the outer layer. The crush dried shrimp, bird eyes chillies, garlic and a dash of sugar brings out a wonderful array of flavours frm such a simple dish. It was delicious, but if it was a little lighter on the sugar, this dish would be perfect. I dont really know the price of each dish as Unc Terence bought us dinner. He also packed curry fish head and 2 other dishes (for his staff) and the total bill (including ours) was RM89 which I thought was reasonable. Since my bro said I came at a 'not so good day', I think I will return to try other dishes next time :)
What Julianne thinks?
Reasonable and tasty
Restaurant Bro Yat ( Yat kor) is located at Jalan Subang 4, Subang Light Industrial Park, Subang Jaya. Drive pass Summit USJ, turn left. Drive on until you reach traffic lights (you can see Mydin at the far end frm this traffic lights), turn right. Drive on (there will be rows of factories), till the 3rd road and take a left turn. You'll see a corner factory looking building converted to restaurant. That's Brother Yat.

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Blogger tankiasu said...

The soup and the fried brinjal look very appetizing! I think I would give it a try one of these days, since I'm around that area pretty often. ;-) Thanks!

08 March, 2007  
Blogger Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The soup sounds delicious. Love all kinds of soups! The mantis prawns in salted egg yolk will be something I'd like to try when (if?) I find this restaurant in the midst of all the factories. Quite amazing where you can find restaurants nowadays.

08 March, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

tankiasu- i enjoyed that 2 dishes the most(even though my bro said the cook's standard dropped that day). you can also add vinegar to the soup, which the owner provided.Bro Yat is an open air tai chow place ya, not some aircon restaurant..hope u find it

lyrical lemongrass- am quite sure you'll like the soup :). u can actually get the mantis prawn in salted egg at a number of places in PJ other than brother yat. If u follow the directions i gave, shud be ok gwa...:p

08 March, 2007  

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