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Seefah Restaurant, Bangkok

What? You're not done with posting Bangkok food yet?
Yeah, I know, I know.. but I took these pictures frm Bollywood Queen's camera and took me a while to get it from her :). And I think this restuarant is worth mentioning as some of the dishes here are absolutely scrumptious!
Seefah Restaurant is a restuarant that serves mainly Chinese Thai food. Here, you can order dishes or ala carte (ie, noodles, fried rice etc). Guess the main reason we were looking for a chinese thai restaurant was due to the fact that we wanted to have the vermicelli crab before we return to Msia.
This Seefah we went to (they have many branches) was located at Siam Square, facing a small parking lot. Kinda hard to miss since it's a rather large 2 storey restaurant. As the place was rather crowded, as herd mentality goes, we assumed the food should be pretty good. ;p
We scanned through the menu, it was all in thai! We looked at the pictures, could not find any vermicelli crab.. but we saw the vermicelli prawn! We pointed to it and gestured for 'crabs' which the staff could not understand..sigh..Luckily Unc Satchay was nice to write the vermicelli crab in thai for us, we managed to order it.. phew.. we managed to point here and there.. and we ordered tomyum, green curry chicken, steam spicy sour fish, veg and somtum. The tomyum came soon after.. Tasted pretty good (then again, most of the tomyum are good in thailand). Thick, murky soup with fresh seafood.. yummm. The green curry and spicy sour fish was served at the same time.. while waiting for our steamed rice, we were salivating as the food smells so good :). The green curry was thick and creamy, and that dollop of santan cream makes the curry even more rich in flavour. A pity that the serving was small, not really enough to go around ;p.
The spicy sour fish was top notch, the best so far (not that I've tried that many times..). Dont be deceived by this plain looking dish as it is so good.. just thinking of it makes me salivate :)...The fish was fresh and sweet, and the sour, spicy, tangy flavour of the sauce is so refreshing and contrasting that it really complements the fish beautifully. Perfect. Words cant describe. The highlight of the dinner must be the vermicelli crab though.. The claypot was really hot, the vermicelli was steaming but we were not bothered, we took a large helping each. One bite and..ooohh.. am in cloud nine..This is absolutely scrumptious!! The vermicelli was just right, not too dry but it wont stick to the claypot as it was cook in generous serving of bacon. Guess the bacon greased the claypot well, making the vermicelli extremely fragrant. The crab was sweet, goes well with the vermicelli and chopped chillies. The chef also added plenty of sliced mushrooms which were also delectable. This is a must try when you are in Bangkok. You wont regret it ;p
Somehow Seefah forgotten to serve us our somtum and after a long, long time, it was finally serve. Most unfortunately, we were already so stuff that the somtum just tasted mediocre to me..
What Julianne thinks?
Satisfying, lovely and affordable
Seefah Restaurant is located at Siam Square. There are many branches around, I've seen another at Central World Plaza.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its me again! am looking for places to go for good food in bk so really glad that i stumbled upon your blog! would like to ask if the vermicelli crab is spicy or not? another concern, if all in thai, how to order ?! guess i have to copy the pictures in this blog and show them to the waitress :)

20 October, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

hi there!
the vermicelli crab is not spicy, only slightly from the black peppers. oh, i went back again this year, and they have basic english and picture menu now :).
actually, i went to somewhere nicer for local thai chinese can try these
1) Lek's Seafood
no frills restaurant- but filled with locals. cheap and good. accessible by BTS.

2)T&K seafood, chinatown
more expensive than lek's but nice too. try thai curry crab. not spicy. easily accessible by cab. you can have famed chinatown stuff there such as bird's nest and pork floss/ skin cracker/ rice cracker etc after dinner.

20 October, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thks sc! have already included T&K and Lek seafood. saw T&K at motormouth's blog and from his blog, managed to find yours... will be going to both but found them a bit of a duplicate so will be going to Zense in between (also learnt about that place in this wonderful blog of yours!) someone recommended banana leaf. there is a branch at central world so maybe will go for that one instead of seefah if seefah is so so only...

at first i was at a loss about where to go for meals but after stumbling upon your blog, i have another problem which is , not sure which one to choose haha..

21 October, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

hahaha..sorry for causing any preplexing situation :p
if you are going to both T&K and Lek's, then yes, you can skip seefah. if you are ordering the grilled fresh water prawns, get the one at lek's- it's nicer compared to chinatown's. look around the local tables and check what they have- i ordered a wrong dish when i was there- everyone was having a grilled hot plate- i got the pork- but its not what i saw at other tables. oh, the tomyam's good there too.

21 October, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thks SC for the tips!


22 October, 2009  

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