Friday, February 02, 2007

Restoran Quizin, PJ

Dont ask me how to pronounce the name of the restaurant, I dont know ;p
Casis Restaurant used to be here, but sadly, it closed for business suddenly that I didnt know if it shifted or they ceased in the restaurant business for good. I enjoyed their food tremendously (though a tad pricey), it's such a pity. Though Quizin took over the restaurant lot, most of the existing furnishings remains..still looking very much like Casis, we decided to give it a try..
We ordered nyonya steam fish, steam salted chicken, tofu with abalone mushrooms and vegetables. The tofu was served first....Rather different from those that we had before, Quizin's home made tofu had seaweed steamed with the tofu before it's sent for deep frying. It's then smothered generously with gravy and thick slices of abalone mushrooms. The tofu was silky smooth and the shredded seaweed gives some extra flavour to it. The gravy was just nice, not too salty. Pretty good.
With our taste heightened, we prepared for the rest of the dishes.. Alas, we were in for disappointment. :( The steamed salty chicken was quite a large portion, but the taste was just not right. Something was just missing.. I cant be certain what.. but something was.. The meat was quite smooth, yet not flavourful. The chicken skin was not smooth, kinda cold and some were chewy. :( The nyonya steam fish was huge! The fish was huge and so's the plate ;p. The colours were fantastic..and it looked so appetizing. So we tucked in... and well, the fish was rather.. bland..Fresh no doubt, but bland. The nyonya sauce was poured on the steamed fish and the fish meat was not sweet and rather tasteless. The sauce was sparse, not sufficient to eat with the fish. By the end of it, we were eating bland fish (like boiled fish meat) and little/no sauce..
The veg was normal, nothing much to shout about too..
What Julianne thinks?
Mediocre and boring
Restoran Quizin is located at Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara. Corner shop, very near Dataran Prima Business centre.

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