Thursday, January 11, 2007

Restoran 88, Sunway Mas

How I came to know about this place? Well, its the crowd. Usually it's full house on weekends and on weekdays, can be rather pack too. Of coz I'd love to join in the fun, so off I went...
That was maybe 6 months ago? I have been patronizing this place since(now and then :p). So, what's the main draw? The RM10 fish. In fact, most of their dishes are below RM10. There were quite a number of us that day for dinner, I've decided to take some pictures and write about it :p
We ordered veggies, fish, stir fried chicken with bitter gourd,taufoo, salted egg fried mantis prawn and aluminium foil wrapped ribs. Nearly every table would have a plate of the fish (some tables have 2). For RM10 a fish (fei chow aka tilapia) with an average size of 1 feet in length or more, it's real value for money. And you can choose different methods of cooking and sauces such as steam (spicy, curry, sambal etc..note: do not order soy base, suck big time!!), fried and served with thai/spicy/sweet sour sauce etc. They have other types of fish too, such as ma yau, garupa, pak so gong etc.. but those are priced according to its weight. We had Spicy sauce served on lotus leave. Was ok, fish was fresh.. goes well with rice..I am never, never a fan of bittergourd since young. Though mum always nags and says that its good for our health.. yes mum i know... Still, I tried 88's version and man, they serve a lip smacking bittergourd chicken! Goes really well with rice, the gourds are thinly sliced, the black bean sauce thick and aromatic. Really whets the appetite :)
I've never tried 88's aluminium foil wrapped ribs before, and since my frens are carnivours, I knew I had to order meat..I have tried their pai guat wong(sweet sour spare ribs) before and it's no good, hence, I ordered this with trepidation..I was lucky. This dish turn out wonderful, like a classier version of pai guat wong.. hehehhehe.. The foil was very hot while we attempted to tear it open..The meat was tender, fragrantly infused with sticky sweet, sour and spicy sauce. sesame seeds clinging on the meat gives this dish just the right punch.. yum ..The fried salted egg mantis prawn was a gargantuan serving.. and for RM20, its real value for money. We could smell the salted egg the moment it was served and we were drooling while waiting for our turn to attack this dish (yeah, revolving table.. so had to wait..). The exterior of the prawns were crunchy, batter was light. Could taste the subtle salted eggs teasing my taste only lil gripe? Umm, didnt find much of the mantis prawn flesh though..
The veg and mince meat taufoo were ordinary (i had the seng gua taufoo before, its better than this), nothing much to shout about. I still prefer the taufoo served in Friendship Herbal Soup.
What Julianne thinks?
Value for money stomach filler.
Restaurant 88 is located at Jalan 1/3B , Sunway Mas Commercial Center, PJ. Corner shop, taichow coffee shop type. Btw, though most of the dishes are below RM10 (meat dishes are RM10 and above), not all dishes are tasty, some are really below average. dont be greedy and over order bcoz of the price.beware! kekekkeke

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Blogger Xiu Long Bao said...

RM10 for a fish? Worth it!

13 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

yup, xiu long bau, the tilapia is at RM10 flat. And it's big, real value for money. As for taste wise, depends on what flavour u ordered, not all are yums. And sometimes the cook gets overdose of salt..

15 January, 2007  

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