Friday, January 19, 2007

MK Restaurant, Bangkok

MK is a franchise chain in Thailand which is popular amongst the local. It is similar to Bar BQ Plaza (which can be found in Msia, it serves with grill plate and soup around the plate), but we were told by locals that MK is more popular than BarBQ Plaza... The restaurant was freaking pack, we were ushered to the second floor immediately. Seems to me we were the only tourist there and though the waiters cant speak much english, they were unperturbed with our presence..kekekeke.
As usual, we ordered more than we can eat, and me being too engrossed with the food and all, have forgotten to take any pictures!! :(. Only managed to take 2 shots of what's left of the food..Am so sorry mates..
We ordered the beef platter, mushroom platter, sides such as fishball, dumplings, veg, vermicelli, marinated pork etc. Most unfortunately, their famous pork set were sold out :(, so were their bacon :(.. MK also serves a few variety of dimsums and roasts (such as roast duck, char siew and roast pork aka siew yuk). We ordered a plate of roasted pork and it's yummy! crunchy skin, tender meat and smothered with some thai sauce.. oishiiiii!
We prepared to dunk everything into the steam hot pot (somewhat like steamboat, but MK had theirs built into the table..) the moment the platters were served.. With these fresh ingredients, the clear soup soon turned sweet and fragrant.. I must say that MK's hot pot is one fabulous pot, so yummy, that we cant stop. One of the contributing factor would be MK's "secret" sauce.Wonder what's in it.. spicy, sweet, sour..there's chopped coriander, sesame seeds, lime juice.. but I donno man.. Just dip the steaming hot food into this sauce and chomp! aahhhh, pure satisfaction.. In fact, I prefer this sauce compared to BarBBQ Plaza's.
After we have gorge ourself silly, while sipping our drinks, there were a sudden burst of loud music.. and the waiters and waitresses stood in a line and started dancing.. As we stare at them, agape, the locals continued chatting and eating.. After 5 mins, their dancing stopped and everyone clapped, the locals were clearly used to this. I pity the waitress who were dancing in front of us.. she was so shy as we stared at her throughout the whole 'performance'..hahahha. We were told by locals that this dance was included some years back, when MK's business was fledgling(with such stiff competition).. they decided to add in 'entertainment' so that the patrons wont get bored while eating there! Clearly it worked, MK's business is fantastic now..
What Julianne thinks?
Terrific, filling and addictive.
I didnt take down the exact address of MK.. It has many branches. I had mine opposite Siam Paragon. I saw another MK at Isetan (the one near Pratunam), highest floor(level 5 or 6), guess u can try it there too.

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Blogger boo_licious said...

Food in Bangkok is always really nice. So far, I've yet to had a bad meal there. Even the food courts serve yummy noodles and desserts.

20 January, 2007  
Blogger Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey there, thanks for adding Rasa Malaysia to your blogroll. :)

I have been to MK but I still think the steamboat in Malaysia is much better. ;)

21 January, 2007  
Blogger sc said...

yup boo_licious, i agree..had yummy food there nearly every meal.. woohoo (except for one place i went, which i will write about soon.. dont go there!)

hi rasa malaysia..welcome, hope u dont mind me adding your blog to mine :)..ya, i wud say that msia's soup base is better..but i really like their sauce! yumz!

22 January, 2007  

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