Monday, January 08, 2007

Crock Yai

Well, I have not been to Bangkok that many times.. and those times that I went, was with tours.. hence I didn't have the opportunity to look for that many food to try :(
This time, I was in Bangkok for a shopping trip, so again, I didn't spend much time getting the locals to recommend good food (language is another prob anyways :( )
We tried somtum (thai salad) at different places and we find that Crock Yai serves one wicked somtum! Crock Yai is a franchised restaurant somewhat like Sushi King or Delifrance in Malaysia, which made us snubbed its food at the beginning (we didn't wanna try). However, we noticed that there were lots of locals eating there, and not a single tourist.. that's our cue :p
Ordering was a feat coz the staff could not utter a word of english, but with much pointing and whatever limited thai food language we know, we ordered.. Since Crock Yai boasted that they serves fantastic somtum, we ordered a Thai Papaya Salad (there around 10 more variety of somtum, but we decided to have the basic instead). Food took a while to come, think they have forgotten us until we complained.. anyways, the tomyum was served with the papaya salad..The somtum was really good.. papaya was crunchy, fresh with a tinge of sourness, topped with salted egg, chopped peanuts, chillies (a few types), onions, dried shrimps and smother it with their tangy sauce concoction.. One bite will give a full burst of sweet, sour, salty and spicy all at once.. Yum!
The tomyum was fine, not too sour, spiciness kicks in only after a few mouthful..good way to whet the appetite..We enjoyed the thai fishcakes too..hand made patty of fish paste mixed with flour, chopped beans and herbs.. Fried and dipped in their thai chili sauce, it sure make us gobble it down pronto :). The cashew nut chicken was tasty too, but alas, the portion was small and chicken was bony.. :(. Funnily enough, the kailan chicken we ordered had ample chicken meat, in fact, the chicken meat was more than kailan! (sorry I didn't take pic of it, was bz eating ;p). Was also another tasty dish.
The sweet sour fish came last and I was pleased with the beautiful presentation. The colours were absolutely gorgeous. Guess that's where it ends.. The fish was obviously freshwater, the mud taste was so apparent that even after deep-frying and drenching it with a strong sauce, you could still taste the mud.. I was ok with it coz I like fish.. but some cant stand the taste..
What Julianne thinks?
Invigorating, surprising and tasty
Since Crock Yai is a franchise, guess you can find it in most shopping areas? I had mine at Platinum Mall, same floor as food court. Pratunam. (tell the tuk tuks/cabs, they'll know where's Platinum)

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