Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oriental Chinese Restaurant, Sec 14

SF had some vouchers to dine at Oriental Chinese Restaurant and she was nice enough to bring me along for lunch (thanks SF!). It was late morning, SF, SL and me made our way over to Oriental. It was rather pack that morning, the place was bustling with activities...
Not long after, the waitress placed some piping hot dimsum on our table. We selected a few and tucked in..
We had the sui jing gao as it looks pretty good. The filling was tasty, filled with chopped veg (carrots, black ear fungus, bamboo shoots etc) and mince meat. Yum.
As usual, we had the ubiquitous siew mai and har gau. I am never a fan of siew mai as I think this is a very delicate dim sum. Those who cant do well will make the siew mai taste very porky (i donno how to explain it, but it's not very pleasant taste). So, I was pleasantly surprise that Oriental's siew mai turn out well, it was sweet and juicy, texture was springy.The har gau was ok only, I thought the skin was rather thick and rough...
The beancurd roll was yummy though, like what SL pointed out, there is a difference in the sauce.. Each roll was plump and juicy, the sauce that clings around the beancurd gives a burst of flavours that complements each other well. I really cant pinpoint what's in the sauce..Kinda plumish with chilli..Yum :)
One of the waiter was walking by with piping hot stir fried carrot cake and we quickly stopped him for a plate..:p. They're generous with their serving, there were lots of beansprouts and eggs too. Taste wise was good, but I find the carrot cake texture too soft and mushy...
We had the char siew pau too, which was just average. The filling was not very fragrant, a tad too sweet. The lor mai kai was also too sweet for my liking, which was most unfortunate as the glutinous rice was cooked just the right stickiness, and the chicken was well marinated. I guess they got a lil heavy on the sugar when they cooked the rice :(
We ended the meal with some desserts, ie, gui ling gau, mango with sago and alovera with longan. All three desserts were yummy, nice was to end the meal :)
What Julianne thinks?
Filling, generous and above average(for some dishes)
Oriental Chinese Restaurant is located inside Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, Sec 14. Restaurant price, large serving though.

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