Thursday, November 16, 2006

O&S Restaurant (hawker), Seapark

I think most of the folks staying in and around Seapark would know O&S.. heck, I even know some from Klang and Cheras who travel all the way here to makan..
The few of us think that O&S is the only place that serves decent hawker food in PJ. I mean, lets not compare to Penang.. But in PJ, susah betul nak cari hawker yang satisfying...( let me know if theres any other good hawker in PJ, thanks!)
Anyways, SL, P and I went over to O&S for brunch on a recent saturday. We were prepared to wait for a table as O&S is usually extremely pack and it's a norm to dap toi (share table) with other people. SL and I ordered our usual kuay teow th'ng while P ordered chee cheong fun and yong tau foo..
I always have a soft spot for the kuay teow th'ng here as its the yummiest I can find in PJ. I always wanted to try other stuff, but my craving for this is so strong, everytime I'll end up eating this :p. This ktt's kuay teow is very smooth, the soup is sweet and flavoursome.. filled with tender shredded chicken, fish cakes and fish balls, this is one satisfying bowl of yum :) (p/s- there's 2 stalls that serves kuay teow soup, I prefer this one.. the other stall serves with shelled prawns..)
Pariza went for the yong tau foo, which is self serve. You go and choose what you want, wait for them to cook it and bring over to your table. The YTF stall's biz is brisk coz loads of customer buy this as 'appetizer' while waiting for their 'mains' to come. The norm of YTF is served here, most of it tastes good...
The chee cheong fun is the Penang style ccf, with har gou (aka prawn paste) as the sauce base.The ccf is smooth, practically glides down the throat. So if you miss the PG version, am sure that O&S's ccf can satisfy that craving ;p
Other hawker fare they are famous for would be the assam laksa (I have a friend who claims that this is the best assam laksa after those in PG), curry mee, prawn mee and char koay teow (long wait though)..

What Julianne thinks?
Superb and gratifying

O&S Restaurant is located at Jalan 20/14, Paramount Garden (Seapark), 46300 Petaling Jaya. Corner shop opposite Caltex station. Drive from SS2 to Seapark, at KFC crossjunction, turn left. Drive straight till next traffic light. Turn right. You'll see O&S on the right. Opens for breakfast and lunch. At nite it's taichow (hokkien mee quite famous)

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Blogger Last-of-the-Dragon said...

i like the fish head noodle there

16 November, 2006  
Blogger sc said...

really? is it good? man, i have been patronising the place for years and i've never tried it.. kekekke

17 November, 2006  

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