Thursday, October 26, 2006

Restoran Kim Long, Senai

What did you do over the long deeparaya break?
I had a gastronomic experience in JB (and areas nearby) when SF and SL graciously invited me to JB with them ;).Guess you'll be reading on quite a few postings on JB food before I revert back to K Valley since I got to try quite a few yum places there.
Decided to write about Kim Long as I have heard about this restaurant that serves fantastic pei pa ngap for a long time but did not manage to try it.. I was there at a very weird hour, around 4pm, but to my surprise, it was very pack. The sisters told me that lots of Singaporeans stop by for a meal before they return, hence Kim Long is open from lunch to dinner. We ordered the famous pei pa ngap, spring roll, sea cucumber with mushrooms, special taufoo and veg. After some wait, we got the springroll. Kim Long's version is fried in square chunks rather than the usual long roll. The spring rolls were tasty, the filling of fish paste and veg were warm and moist, tender to the bite. A good start :p. The veg come soon after, which was good too. Next, we had the fried taufoo (something new that none of them have tried before). The filling was rather similar to the spring roll, but I did not like the exterior.. Coated with breadcrumbs and butterfly brand flour (i think), it had some sweet, vanilla-ish smell and flavour which I didnt particularly fancy.
Throughout the meal, I saw plates and plates of duck being served and the anticipation was killing me!! And finally, we got ours.. Kim Long's pei pa ngap is certainly one of a kind..The duck is crispy on the outside and tender, juicy on the inside. Very succulent indeed. And the speciality lays at the base of the, the sauce. Rather than the usual plum sauce, Kim Long concocted their own sauce to go with the pei pa ngap and the outcome was superb. Their's was a mix of dark, thick sauce (yes, plum sauce being one of the ingredients) with a hint of spiciness, sweet and sour. Goes very well with the duck :)
The last dish that was served was the seacucumber and mushroom. Another delicious dish as the mushrooms were braised till plump and thick, the seacucumber, springy. The sauce was good to go with rice.
What Julianne thinks?
Affordable, satisfying and filling
Restoran Kim Long is located at 130, Jalan Senai Utama 5/17, Taman Senai Utama, Johor. On the way to Senai Airport. Dishes are cheap but quality not compromised. Our bill came out to be RM57. The half duck only cost RM13.

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