Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kanna Curry House, PJ

Kanna Curry house is located in an area which is rather hidden near the bustling SS2. Sometimes, when I suggest to some frens who have never been to Kanna before, they would think I'm swearing coz Kanna sure sounds like something else..:p
It was a nice sunday afternoon, breezy, birds chirping happily on the trees and SF, amy and me decided to pop over to Kanna. Kanna has 3 areas, air-con and without in the restaurant and alfresco(under the trees) which provided shade and they have added cooler fans too to keep the customers happy.
Kanna serves banana leaf rice and rotis. They have a wide variety of dishes to select from and we finally settled for chicken masala, curry prawns and fried squids. I always enjoyed the fried squids topped with loads of fried onions. Really delicious. Kanna's version of fried squid is better than Nirvana's as it's without that weird red colouring and have more spices in its batter. Also, its cheaper that Raju's. kekekeke...The curry prawns was pretty good too, we had it piping hot and the prawns were fresh and sweet. The chicken masala was well marinated, but may be a tad salty for some. Quite spicy too, so it gives quite a kick to our palate on a lazy sunday :).
SF also likes Kanna's stir fried mushrooms and I have tasted their other dishes such as curry chicken, fried chicken, curry lamb and masala lamb which were all decent dishes too. Kanna is generous with their vegetables for the banana leaf rice, you can ask for additional top ups without extra charges. Great place to while away time on a lazy sunday with your family and frens and a cup of teh tarik...
What Julianne thinks?
Unhurried, relaxing and cheerful
Kanna Curry House is located at 27-29 Jalan 17/45, 46400 PJ. Drive from SS2 towards the Rothsman roundabout. When you see Nanking Vegetarian Restaurant on your left, turn left (main road) and follow the road. Turn right, the road goes slightly uphill and turn right again. Kanna is at the row of shops there.


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