Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nirvana Banana leaf rice

I think I was introduced by my housemate to this restaurant. Yea, am quite certain. My housemate absolutely loves Indian food, especially banana leaf rice..

Nirvana is a place that both of us goes for lunch nearly every weekend. The food is scrumptious and service is prompt. You will get your usual accompaniment of 'main dishes' such as rice with your choice of curry (you can ask for the less known spinach curry or onion curry), 3 types of veggies (usually its cucumber, fried ladies fingers and long beans), acar, dried chilli and pampadum.

The very yummy banana leaf rice... sorry its looks eaten.. coz i started eating before i realised i have not taken the pix!

We had our rice with 2 extra dishes that day, lamb masala and yogurt fish. The lamb masala was really spicy, but the spices and flavour is really fragrant. It was my first time trying the yoghurt fish that day, and to my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be quite a tasty dish! The yoghurt sauce was cooked till thick, with chillies, onions and some indian spices. The fish was deep fried before it was added to the sauce to cook. Other dishes that I have tried that are good includes chicken masala, chicken curry, fish curry, potato with spices, fish cutlet, lamb cutlet and lots more which I cant recall its name. You can aslo choose fresh marinated seafood and meat for deep frying. The only dish that I didnt like, cant remember the name, but it looked like chinese sour plum sauce chicken(and it's yellow in colour). Do not try that.

Note: Nirvana used to serve unlimited 'topping up' of their veg.. but recently, they started charging RM1(i think) per additional serve of veg. Now and then we do get lucky when some waiters tops up our veg without charging..Theres also more variety of dishes during lunch.

Nirvana Restaurant: At Bangsar, the block of shops adjacent to Public Mutual. Its facing a block of construction works. Turn left from Bangsar Village shopping centre.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The arrogant brother n sister team runs the shop! The brother( short med built) always at the cashier counting money frequently! Once we complimented on the fresh cut rose blooms at his counter top,he replied they are Gd hearted souls and that’s the reason the roses look good and Not for Others!! In another incident,A slightly taller fairer man,Indian National also sits at the Cashier counter and is a Brahmin woman chaser! Once a friend of mine was sitting at another table and he was gleaming uwith a big smile and frequently approached only her for any further orders! In fact he was even slapped by someone once! For your info,The present price of NIRVANA MAJU has escalated so much they do not serve even plain water to customers!They charge for it too! When you realise the price increase and ask the cashier for the breakdown, he snobishly replies you are getting fresh food n you have a price to pay! Mind you, they only serve basic foods already prepared early in the morning. Various meats and seafood are marinaded in the same masalas and deep fried when an order takes place. So patrons feel So much joy that they are getting great Fresh indian Foods! Truly it’s just basics! The only jolly Good truth is they are sitting on a prime location! That’s the only reason they are minting for their basics. Much better Indian restaurants sit on Lorong Maarof and you are spoilt for choices and great value for money and souls! Then Why patronise NIRVANAS? It truly SUCKS!!l

18 February, 2013  

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