Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peter Hoe, Jalan Hang Lekir

I first heard of Peter Hoe when my colleague went there. And all I heard was it's expensive, the food was not worth it...
Obviously, I didn't have any urge to go there, until recently, when another colleague convinced me to try it.
Peter Hoe mainly is a shop that sells house decors. And tucked at the corner of the shop, was a few tables, which I assume was the 'restaurant'.
The menu was simple, some daily specials on the board (sans the price) and some cakes and quiches at the counter.
There were some choices of pastas, salads and noodles, but my eyes was set on the quiche.
The quiche looks fresh, thick and yummy. There were a few types to choose from..
SL has the Tomato and Chinese Mushroom quiche with salad (RM25)

While I had the Brocolli and carrot quiche (RM25)
So it may seem pricey, but the quiche was  huge, thick, yet fluffy in texture and extremely creamy. Both tasted fantastic, mine was filled with lots of shredded carrots, balancing the eggy cheesy filling perfectly. The crust was mostly soft, with bits of crisp at the edges, which I was fine with.
SL's mushroom, tomato quiche was equally delish, velvety egg filling and aromatic cheese makes this such a rich meal. Luckily the salad was light and fresh, wonderful pairing with the quiche.
I wanted something hot, so I ordered a bowl of mushroom soup (RM16)
It's not the thick, filled with cream types, this was more diluted but had loads of chopped fresh mushroom in it. It was quite tasty I must say, but I found it slightly oily.
I didnt have that bad of an experience actually. In fact, I rather enjoyed my meal there.
So, yes, I would return :).
One word of caution though, do ask for the price of your meal before confirming on the order. 

Peter Hoe is located at 2, Jalan Hang Lekir, 50000 KL. It's located above Popular Bookstore, use the side entrance.

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Blogger choi yen said...

Ask for the price? No price stated on the menu?

Happy New Year to you & family!

30 December, 2011  
Anonymous UK Removals said...

The soup looks fantastic, I would never miss the opportunity to try such a nice dish!!!

10 April, 2012  
Anonymous Marilyn Pacheco said...

Asparagus is what draws the most my attention- I love their fragile taste, especially in combination with some spicy salza.

21 June, 2012  
Blogger Peter Hoe said...

The prices are actually on a menu under the glass counter for all to see.
Quiche & Salad is RM25-we cut a quarter of the entire Quiche for this serving!!!
Soup with home-made Southern biscuit is RM15. No preservatives added.
Coffee is RM5.
If quantity & quality is what you're looking for, give us a try!!!
Peter Hoe

05 March, 2013  
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