Monday, October 10, 2011

Restoran Kuala Lipis Noodles, Sunwaymas

Aaahhh, finally I can muster some energy to write....hahaha
Ok, being a drama queen here- guess I was darn lazy after a bout of food poisoning and now still on antibiotics, to start blogging again.
I shall share that disastrous makan experience in another post, for today, it shall be a simple, short and sweet post.
I once got a comment from a friend, saying that I only write about makan places near where I'm staying. But hey, if the food is nice, even if it's just a stone's throw away from my home, I should share right?
So after that statement, I held on to this place- didnt want to share since it's ' close to home ' and potentially very boring.
Yet, I do enjoy it's food and I feel my other readers would really appreciate this... :p
Opened a couple of months back, Restoran Kuala Lipis Noodles serves very basic stuff- home made noodles, roast pork, char siew and poached chicken. Oh, you can have it with rice too. 
We were told that their home made noodles was without alkaline and a must try.
Comes only in dry version, the noodles looks like a cross between laksa and egg noodles..

Topped with a concoction of mince meat paste, give the noodles a good toss and....wait....
Forgotten about the 'special' sambal...

We were supposed to mix a generous amount into the noodles to make sure it's tasty..

I took a bite pre-sambal, the noodles was firm with a slight chewy texture, the mince was fragrant, enveloping the noodles lightly. 
Adding in the sambal changes the taste of the noodles quite drastically- it's not as spicy as it looks, I could taste some sweetness and flavour of tomato, making this a ' sweet and spicy ' noodles.
We ordered a mix platter of char siew and roast pork..
The char siew was average, the meat was firm, solid, cut into thin slices. It's not melt in mouth type, this was old school char siew I used to eat in kampung when I was a child. The sauce was too sticky-sweet to my liking. Anyway,char siew was the side kick.
The bomb was actually the roasted pork!
I was taken by surprise- the roasted pork was served warm, the fat was melting when you take a bite, the skin was crackling goodness that matched fantastically with the juicy layered pork. Every mouthful was bliss, I can finally stop hankering for the famous roasted pork in Pudu. This was on par. (and the people running it are way friendlier!)
Am definitely returning for the roasted pork, once the germs in my stomach clears! Cant wait :)

Restoran Kuala Lipis Noodles is located 26-1, Block B, Jalan PJU 1/3B, Sunwaymas Commercial Center, 47301 PJ. Oh do note, they are only open for breakfast until tea time if I'm not wrong. Roast pork are served much later, 11am or 12noon.

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Blogger choi yen said...

have more interest to try on the noodle :)

11 October, 2011  
Anonymous jason said...

*droollll... too bad tak buka for dinner~~

11 October, 2011  
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11 October, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

choi yen: hahaa that's their pride too..

jason: yeah, would love it for dinner...oh well, shall have to settle for lunch then..

LKX: thanks for visiting..

11 October, 2011  
Anonymous Jobless Girl said...

Cold sambal cili. This is spicy type of sambal cili or sweet type?

12 October, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I checked out the place after reading ur recommendation. DELICIOUS!

13 October, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

jobless girl: sweet and slightly spicy :)

anonymous: great! glad you like it too, we have the same food taste preference :)

17 October, 2011  
Anonymous Property Malaysia said...

Great food makes me happy.

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23 September, 2016  
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