Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weissbrau, Pavillion

We chanced upon Weissbrau while deciding on what to eat at Pavillion. Every where seems crowded, Weissbrau pique our interest and we didnt mind trying it.

German restaurant that it is, it was rather unfortunate that I was in the company of 1 friend who's not too keen on pork, and the other- still stuffed from lunch.

To choose a rather balance eating (ie, less meat) in a German restaurant, we opted for a salad, some sausages and a thin crust pizza.

The Classic Ceasar (RM16.80) to start off our meal...

This salad was ultra fresh, the vegetables was crisp and the bacon bits gave a nice crunch. They were generous in the portion, it was a hearty salad. For those who may find this salad plain (it came with no dressing), there's (multi purpose) sauces on each table- i like mine with a dabble of sour cream garlic sauce :)

The Emmentaler sausages was next (RM38)

We chose 2 sides to serve with the pork sausages- we had rosti and vegetables.

The sausages and sauce were a tad salty, but went well with the rosti. In fact, me being the potato lover, enjoyed their rosti tremendously. It was aromatic and light, very nice indeed.

And finally, our pizza was ready..

The Mushroom pizza (RM24) looks extremely pale, sans the tomato based I guess.

We're not quick to judge, it's the taste that matters right? hehe.

Unlike the norm pizza, this version was filled with woody mushroom fragrance, sweetness from the onions and slathered with cream cheese/ sour cream base. The combination does not remind me of a typical pizza, but as a baked 'bread', it's still tasty nonetheless.

Down the meal with a couple of pints and we're all satiated ;)

Quite a pleasant meal, I dont mind coming back here for porky pork OD next time.

Weissbrau German Bistro and Bar is located at Lot 3, 05, 02 & C3, Level 3, Pavillion KL

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Blogger choi yen said...

I'm going to this restaurant next week with my family, hope I will like the food there :)

13 June, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

choi yen: there's quite a selection of pork mains there, if you like pork should be good. i noticed they have freaking gigantic pork snitzel, maybe u shud try that ;)

13 June, 2011  
Anonymous J2Kfm said...

Yeah, love roesti too. Hard to find good ones though. Remember how Marche used to serve a commendable version.

16 June, 2011  

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