Monday, March 28, 2011

Roadtrip- Perak (Part 2)

Ahh, took me a long time to post the second part of my road trip to Perak- what's with the Year of the Rabbit?
Ever since we've leapt into this new year, I've been so very busy and neglecting my blog. Pictures are stacking up but just no time for a post!

And so we're back to my day 2 in perak..woke up to a cheery morning, all hungry as we make our way to the all famous Foh San for dimsum.

Since it's a weekday, the crowd was manageable and we got our table immediately. For those who are still unaware, Foh San is now a large dimsum house, double storey and looking very grand.

But what about the dimsum?

Maybe I didn't have their dimsum for many years.

Everything was just average, though luckily, none tasted bad. The only dimsum we ordered that I rather enjoyed was the steamed scallop dimsum.

After stuffing ourselves with dimsum, we took a short walk around the nearby streets..and took a rest and dessert stop at Funny Mountain Soya Bean.

Next, Alicia wanted to buy her egg biscuits from Chin Han Guan while I went to pick up the meatfloss biscuits.

If you have the meatfloss biscuits fresh, it's undeniably delicious. There's a few types of meatfloss biscuits- meatfloss+lotus, meatfloss+pandan, meatfloss+salted egg+pandan/lotus. I do find the combo with salted egg too decadent- the meatfloss with just the lotuspaste was delicious enough for me. Not cheap though, was RM21 per box (for those with salted egg) and RM15.60 (for those without).

Time flies quickly and before we know it, it's tea time! hehe.

We decide to have white coffee at Sin Yoon Loong..

But before that, Alicia's friend recommended us to try the egg tarts and char siew puffs at Nam Heong just opposite of Sin Yoon Loong..

Though it seems highly popular, both were not to my liking..

The char siew puffs were slightly salty with a tad of sweetness and had a aftertaste that I didnt like (I cant describe it, but something like flavouring). Yicky.

The eggtarts on the otherhand..

Had thick, floury pastry and dry egg custard. Not enjoyable too .

Luckily the white coffee was satisfying

Thick, rich and had the kick.

The toasted kaya butter bread was just a filler. No complaints though.

We took a walk around the Ipoh railway station before we left..

Nice structures for picture taking and well maintained.

After saying goodbye to Ipoh, we made our way to of the wettest town in Perak (and Peninsular perhaps?).

It was drizzling when we reached and everything just looked so dull...

Not letting the weather doused our high spirits, we checked in to our hotel and quickly made our way out to town for another snack :p (time is the essence here coz we're here overnight and some eateries were only opened at specific hours..hehe).

My sis-in-law, who is from Taiping, reminded me to pop over to Larut Matang foodcourt, to try her favourite 'wet' char keoy teow. This Teo Cheow styled fried CKT was definitely different from any I've tried before- it's with sauce, laden with fishcakes, fishballs and char siew. It's delicious nonetheless, and eating it on such a cold weather really satisfy me.

The kuih stall was purported famous..

And we had a couple. And left unimpressed.

Only when I was back in KL later that I realised we tried the wrong kuihs..they were popular for their kuih talam/ seri muka :(

Alicia, who's intent on trying every popiah as long as the eatery serves it got her wish..

Very wet and mediocre though..

Wash it all down with their signature drink in Taiping....

Do-re-Mi- which is a mix of nescafe and barley. First sip was of barley fragrance and ends with coffee taste lingering in the mouth. Acquired taste, I rather enjoyed it, while Alicia just finds the combo darn weird.

We snacked on later at night, but not worth mentioning as it rained harder when night falls and we were not able to try some food that we initially planned to. :(

Chin Han Guan Biscuit shop is located at 145 Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. Tel 05-254-5126 (it's better to call one day in advance to order the meatfloss biscuits to avoid disappointment, esp on weekends)

Larut Matang Food Court is located at Jalan Panggung, Taiping, Perak.

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Blogger J said...

Well, looks like you had a lot of makan already. How much more stuff were you all planning to eat lah? :)

29 March, 2011  
Anonymous Jasmine said...

Great blog; happy I found you!very informative and great photography!

30 March, 2011  
Blogger sc said...

J: would have eaten more if it was a larger crowd travelling with me (there were only 2 of us). ;)

jasmine: thanks for visiting!

05 April, 2011  
Anonymous jason said...

Have not pop by FohSan ever since they moved haha. It was weird to hear about the egg tarts and puffs though, they were usually good.

The taiping popiah is the wet version, unlike KL or Ipoh :)

07 April, 2011  
Anonymous J2Kfm said...

Road trips like this make me reminiscence of the old days. Okay, few years back when I was running all over Perak.

The wet popiah and even the CKT in Taiping were not to my liking though. But the seafood porridge, mee udang, Hainanese cuisine ... oh yeah!

13 April, 2011  

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