Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bone and Pot Steamboat, PJ

When Bone and Pot opened it's doors last year at SS25, one could not help noticing it while driving along LDP at night.
While I did notice it, but was never really drawn to check it out..
Dragongirl however, did suggest for us to try it one fine (and rainy) night..we thought it would be a perfect timing to. And guess everyone else thought so was packed and we had to wait for a table.
We ordered while we were waiting- a blessing as we got our food rather promptly after we were seated..
The condiments for the steamboat..
Btw, if you are a fan of steamboat sets- you'll be sorely disappointed..
You'll have to pick your choice of broth, fresh ingredients, vegetables, noodles etc...And pricing were also charge per broth and dish, which obviously costs much more...
Our broth was a mix of Corn&Pork Ribs, and Century eggs & coriander (RM16). I had a nagging suspicion that the base were identical- just that they popped corn n ribs in one side, while the other - with century eggs and coriander. I took a sip and I was right. I felt cheated already.
Saving grace though, was the fresh ingredients..
Enoki bacon roll
Enoki was fresh and had a wonderful texture against the bacon.
Beef slices..
This was just ok. A tad fatty and stringy..
We were, nonetheless, very satisfied with the cheese ball, prawn balls and pork balls..
Not your usual run of the mill freezer ready balls, these babies were freshly made from fish/ prawns/ pork base. It's fantastically springy, Justify Fullluscious to bite into. Only thing not so luscious was the price...each plate costs us between 6.90 - 8.90, rather steep for the portion (and size).

The yam, which we waited donkey years for (ok my exaggeration)- they were still frying it when I ordered- was so very scrumptious!
Aromatic, powdery soft and melt in mouth, this yam was worth the wait.

And of course we had our fill of vegetables and noodles.

Overall, I enjoyed the fresh ingredients they serve at Bone &Pot, but for 2 pax, we paid RM90 for our meal. Rather steep for some, I guess.

Bone & Pot Steamboat is located at 7, Jalan SS25/12, 47301 PJ, Selangor. Do note, there's a few Bone & Pot branches in PJ.

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Blogger choi yen said...

I still prefer steamboat with set of ingredients, more affordable price mah :P

08 March, 2011  
Anonymous jason said...

Emm.... It somehow exudes this "pricey" feel to me when they were still under renovation... prolly cos of the "Powered by Kitchmate" word on the signboard? :p

21 March, 2011  
Anonymous Carla said...

Hi!! I love your blog. There is much creativity and love what you do.

28 March, 2011  
Anonymous Kitchmate said...

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15 March, 2015  

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