Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ka Soh Seafood Restaurant, KL

The initial plan was to have dinner at an interesting place- most unfortunately it was close (for renovation or for good? beats me). So we checked with the birthday boys and they suggested Ka Soh since we were already nearby.
Started with Ka Soh's fish head noodles (RM29)- the last I had was years ago

I feel the standard has dropped; the soup was not as tasty and aromatic. The fish slices, which were a mix of fresh and deep fried, were rather bland.

CC insisted to have the steamed frogs with ginger (RM31)

I've tried the stir fried marmite frogs with ginger, which was yummy, but this version was really just average. The ginger sauce was way too thick, I could not taste the sweetness of the frogs as it was smothered with the ginger's strong flavour.

The braised beancurd with seng kua (RM19.50)
This was comfort food for me. The sauce was light but belly warming, the tofu was smooth and petola had absorbed the flavours of the sauce. Nice.
The fried intestines (RM19)came as a pleasant surprise
It was crunchy, the texture and taste felt like suckling pig. Yums..

It was porky all the way- we also had the pork knuckle (RM43)..
The skin was crackling, the fats were melting and the meat was tender. No complains here.
More pork in the form of deep fried ribs in fermented beancurd (RM24) was a rather waste of stomach space..
Something was missing here...have they forgotten sugar in their marination? Just tasted... lacking. The ribs were over fried and a tad dry.
Ahh, and the stir fried baby kailan(RM23) provided a much needed fibre boost..
Quite nice, the veg was fresh and not oily at all.
Dessert came in the form of chinese pan cake (lotus paste and red bean), peanut paste and water chestnut soup. I only liked the peanut paste- velvety, the slightly saltiness made the paste a nice closing for my meal. The rest were too oily and too sweet..
Overall, I felt that Ka Soh's dishes have deteriorated- maybe after so many years of not eating from here, I was just expecting too much?
Ka Soh is located at 18 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, KL.

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Blogger minchow said...

My first meal here years ago left such a stunning impression that I'd probably be hard hit like you by any deteriorating standards too. I better be prepared for it!

12 February, 2010  
Blogger HairyBerry said...

I wonder if the fried intestines will go well wif porridge...hehe. There's a kah soh in sg too, but not sure if it's the same one.hmmm....happy cny, sc!!! Dah balik johor ke? ;)

12 February, 2010  

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