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Terubong Seafood, Paya Terubong, Penang

Our first dinner in Penang was located at a rather secluded area; well, it seemed rather far and secluded to me anyways :). It was the only shop that was brimming with activities as the rest of the shops were closed in the evening..
We were lucky to get a table immediately..

The choice of seafood were ordered right at the 'kitchen' (or tai chow place) located right at the entrance of the restaurant..
The steamed fish with assam sauce was lip smacking
The fish was very fresh, the meat texture was firm and cooked to the right time and the sauce..well, it was totally seductive. It was somewhat like a mix of chinese and malay sauces; there's blended chilli padi, sour plum sauce, lime; the sauce was spicy and burning my tongue but I just can stop eating this. Very addictive.

We noticed lots of tables having the small promprets, hence we ordered too..It was served deep fried, with some fish sauce and lime juice combo. The prompets goes very well with the sauce, the fish were crispy that we could eat the fins and tails too. The meat managed to retain it's juiciness although it's deep fried.

The balitong was next..

The sauce was excellent; but I wished I knew how to eat balitong. Lily, WF and I tried really hard trying to get the meat out from balitongs..but seems like we'll never succeed..Ryan's the pro here..

Some fried rice for that carbs we're missing..Though it looks simple; fried rice with garlic, eggs and topped with fried anchovies, this is also very tasty. The rice was full of wok hei and accompanied by their special sauce again (the same used for the steamed fish), I really enjoyed every mouthful of this.

The steamed squids came in a lovely snow white..So pretty. Lightly drizzled with bits of garlic oil. The squids were so fresh, sweet and springy. Delicious. Again served with their secret sauce.
The kam heong prawns..I was surprised that they allowed us to order( and willing to cook) just 4 prawns for 4 of us. Large prawns nonetheless. About the size of my palm. Another scrumptious dish, other than the really fresh prawns, the kam heong sauce is a little different from those in Klang Valley. Very yummy.
Some lady's fingers cooked in banana leaf. Very spicy but lovely.
By then, we were so stuffed, but there's still grilled sting ray..

Grilled with the same secret sauce (maybe with some additional concoction), it was really good. The stingray meat, grilled on the banana leafs, absorbed the aroma wonderfully. Though it was smothered with the spicy sauce, the flesh is still very juicy and we could still taste the sweetness of the fish.

Total bill was RM119.50 (including many cups of drinks)

Terubong Seafood is located at 1238T, Taman Indah, Paya Terubong, Penang. Tel: 04-855 0903. H/p: 012-4103303. Bits of direction I managed to jot down on the way'll see SRK Batu Lancang on your right, drive straight on. Pass SMK George Town, Sekolah Teknik. You'll see cemetary on your left. Drive on, take first turning left. You'll see union hotel (cemetary), drive straight, reach Y junction, turn right and keep a look out on your right, Terubong Restaurant is on your right.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah... really roaring business leh...

Hehe, I'm a balitong novice too... they're tough nuts, er, shellfish to crack... LOL.

06 April, 2008  
Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

this is such as gorgeous delicious food, just like home cook ones! I must try making those small ikan bawal!looks awesome!

07 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

kenny: yes, fantastic business there..balitongs are hard to eat :(

bigboysoven: hehe, think you'll have no problem cooking this style of ikan bawal..

07 April, 2008  
Blogger JOjo said...

I only tried balitung once, i find it hard to get the flesh out of the hard shell *lol*
Then i gave up, cos no matter how hard i try, i can't eat it properly.HAha!

07 April, 2008  
Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

seafood overload..seafood overload..hahah cholestrol lvls rocketing!

07 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jojo: same here! but i'd still try my luck at eating it everytime my friends orders it..

joe: aiyo, i'm already feeling guilty, dont need to remind me :(

07 April, 2008  
Blogger HairyBerry said...

deep-fried pomfrets with their crunchy fins and tails!!! it doesnt get any easier or tastier...just kicap also enough already! :)

08 April, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

Balitong sucker-ist here. Been trained since err forever. Suck backend until stuck then suck frontend. Repeat till meat flies out or lips turn numb, whichever earlier. Hammer strongly prohibited unless enjoys overturn tables or sharp shell bits in meat.

Yup. Spoken from experience.

08 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

nic: i see you are a fin and tail eater too! hehehe

tummythoz: yeah, my fren taught me the sucking back and front method..but all i sucked is air! feel so bloated (from all the air) after a while..hahaha

08 April, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh... I forgotten how to suck the balitong already! O.O

Laparnya aku...

09 April, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good write up SC.. am thinking of hitting that place again real soon.. oh.. i missed out one place during the makanspade.. eating crab on the beach.. you can throw your shells to the ground and bury it...

09 April, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh.. you guys should have seen SC face when she suck her heart out for the balitong.. good food and great entertainment.. hahaah

09 April, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

09 April, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

jason: can forget how to suck balitong?!? i thot such skills once acquired cant forget? haha

ryan: thanks dude..crabs on the beach and burying the shells? sounds interesting ler.. haha, yeah, i was shocked ok, when the balitong flesh flew out and straight down my throat! :D

09 April, 2008  
Anonymous paket wisata murah said...

where is penang ?

19 August, 2013  
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