Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Restoran Asia, Seremban

I went to Seremban a couple weeks ago to accompany SF to get her sari.. Desmond, a Serembanite (or is it Serembanian?) brought us to this shop that sells gorgeous saris. After SF did her purchase, Desmond decided to bring us to eat this famous curry noodles (supposely the locals would know this place) in Senawang.
Restoran Asia is more like a coffee shop, but only sell curry noodles and chap fan (another stall). You would know that the main attraction is the curry noodles as every table would have at least a bowl of the goodie :).
I must confess that I am never a fan of curry noodles. I find curry noodles too rich and heavy for lunch.. Anyways, since this is reputedly good, of coz die die I must try! We can have the basic curry noodles with our choice of noodles. Most of the patrons would add curry chicken to their noodles as it's more filling. Very quickly we got our steaming hot curry noodles and man, it does looks really good!
Even me, whose knowledge and interest on curry noodles are limited, can see that this is one yummy looking dish. The curry was thick, but not too santanish and very flavourful. The usual ingredients were there, the taupok (beancurd), cockles, lots of taugeh, curry chicken etc (their version is without char siew)..Everything just complements the other so well. And eat it with their shrimp chilli really completes the meal. I dont even feel jelak to the last mouthful of the noodles. I must say that this curry noodles is truly lipsmacking :). SF did point out that this is not the Penang version of curry noodles.. so if you only like the PG version, this may not be your cup-of-tea.. or shall I say, bowl of noodles? kekekeke
What Julianne thinks?
Delicious and satisfying
Restoran Asia is located at 341, Taman Senawang Jaya, Seremban. Sorry I cant provide more details, as I am rather lost at that area.. The proprietor said the shop is in the Senawang Industry, very near this huge factory called "Onn" (some Motorola factory). Tel: 06- 6770667.

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Blogger Janaka said...

The best curry in Negri Sembilan is found at Old Mantin eatery, at a town between Kajang and Seremban. Give it a try the next time you are there. See its website at

08 February, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had tried the curry noodles too. It had been there since 60s. I am glad that someone actually post about their noodles! *thumbs UP*

16 July, 2009  

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