Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grand Palace Restaurant, Pavilion

It was friday, time to unwind and a few of us decided to meet at Pavillion for dinner and drinks.
We cracked our heads for a right place for dinner- WM had some teething issues and her gums were swollen.
Though we were assured repeatedly by WM that she'll be able to find food no matter where we decide, we felt that Grand Palace should be a good bet with some 'soft' food?
The captain, a very considerate staff, immediately started recommending suitable dishes when she found out about our 'requirements'..hehe
So, we had some soup with scallops, melon and shark bone (RM18 per single serve bowl)
Velvety smooth soup, did great things to warm our bellies on a cold, rainy day. It was a satisfying soup, the essence of the ingredients encapsulated in the silky broth.
The perfect dish for WM to go with her rice...
Silken smooth taufoo with crab meat and prawns (RM28)..
Light, yet still tasty, WM was very happy with this since it's a big leap from her 1 week of soup and mushy bread.
For the rest of us, we would still require some solids..hehehe

And we ordered the steamed kampung chicken (RM30)
Large portion but I find the chicken over steamed- some of the meat were too dry.
Some veggies to balance out all the heavy duty protein..
But RM16, the portion was measly.

Another recommendation from the captain, Mongolian style pork trotters (RM28)..
A dish that WM can have bits of, the melting fats from the knuckles dont require chewing..hehe
I find the dish average, the sauce was sweet and sour which would not be my fave choice for braised pork trotters.
Yet, the accompanying pastry bread (RM8) for dipping was simply lip smacking- it was so aromatic with the fried sesame and once soaked with the sauce, it was so divine.
Overall, it was a mix of good and average dishes, but we wont mind returning as it's spacious and gave customers ample privacy from other customers.

Grand Palace Restaurant is located at Lot 6.39, Level 6, Pavilion, KL.

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Blogger choi yen said...

all those food look so yummy especially the full-bodied soup :)

25 August, 2011  
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25 August, 2011  
Blogger MelMel said...

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29 August, 2011  

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