Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Have you satiated your durian cravings recently?
We are reaching the tail end of durian season, so if you have not enjoyed the sumptuous king of fruits yet, maybe you should do it soon!
Here's some of the durians I've had this season..just to share :p
(we went to a stall where the owner advised we eat in accordance to his arrangement, in order to savour different types of durians)

X.O (Durian susu)
The name of this durian implies that it gives an 'alcohol' after effect to the taste buds. In cantonese, we'd say it's "fu kam"- a rich bitter but fragrant after taste. This was creamy and very bitter, all of us enjoyed it. Why durian susu then? I was told that if it was described as X.O, some muslim friends wont eat it.

Hong Har (Red Prawn)
The obvious reason for it's name- the red tinge on the durian flesh. The flavour is a mixed of sweet and bitter while the texture is smooth and creamy.

Bamboo ( Jook Giok)
Was purportedly under the 'bitter' category of durians, however, this one was sweetish. Texture wise, it's slightly wet. Think we didnt get a good version of this.

Musang King (Mau San Wong)
One of the most popular range, also one of the costlier. Was told there's different grades of Musang, the one we had here was "A" grade.
What's the difference? This was almost peanut butter thick in texture, so creamy thick that you feel full after eating just one piece. And the seeds are all tiny, the size of 20 sen coins. As for the taste, I didnt find it as captivating as X.O nor Red Prawn. Worth the "A" grade price I paid? Nope.

What's my fave amongst these few? I like the Red Prawn :)

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