Friday, December 03, 2010

Vivo American Pizza & Panini, Tropicana City Mall

I can be very bias sometimes..
I tend to make a hasty decision for not dining at a place with it's outlook. That does not mean that the restaurant is dirty, smelly etc..its just a 'feel' that I get. No chemistry I guess, hah. Weird, eh?
Sadly, Vivo was one of such restaurant. When I saw it opening its doors at The Curve a couple of years back, I never had the urge to want to try it.

But recently, Vivo opened a branch at Tropicana City. I was there to catch a movie and while cracking my head on what to have for dinner, I recalled Ms. D persistent effort to convince me to try the food in Vivo some time ago.
Hmmm, why so insistent?
Curiosity got the best of me, we went to Vivo without much hesitation..

Power juices seemed to be popular..
We tried a couple..
Cant remember the names of these, but one was thirst quenching while another was a tad too sour..

The Green Tea latte was a nice way to warm the belly in preparation of the food..The slightly bitter green tea (powder) was balanced by the tame milk.
Ms D said the baked seafood pasta was worth trying..
And so I did.
The pasta was tongue scorching hot when it was served. The top layer of cheese was wonderfully burnt and melted, clinging on to the spaghetti underneath. The tomato cream sauce, - rich and gooey complemented the mild flavour dory fish slices and pasta. A rather satisfying dish, you should give it a try if you prefer creamy based pasta.
The pizza, on the other hand, came with some quirky flavours..
SH wanted to try the Funghi (Mushroom) pizza, and so we ordered one.
You get to choose to have it thin crust or the normal pizza base. Ours was thin.
I was surprised that Vivo was very generous with their ingredients. Loads of mushrooms accompanied with a scattering of feta cheese and almond slices. So far, it sounds normal right? The quirkiness came with the sauce used for the base of the pizza. Rather than the usual tomato base, they opted for pesto. Not that it's bad (the worst base I've tried was caramelised ginger sauce base for a duck pizza..ewww), it's just acquired taste. So this pizza got a mixed vote, some of us enjoyed it, while others don't.
Amy opted for a more norm pizza..
Topped with salami, chicken slices and lots of vegetables. Pretty decent, I liked the fact that the capsicums are bursting with juices when I bit into it.
I've tried their chicken tenders too (which I didn't take a picture of, sorry!), which is great to snack on. It's like a cross between A&W fried chicken batter with Chilli's chicken crisper.
I must admit, there were some items in Vivo that I did enjoy. Vivo is has almost similar clientele akin to Pizza hut's. But if I had to choose between these 2, I'd rather do Vivo.

Vivo American Pizza & Panini is located at Tropicana City Mall, L1-55, First Floor, Tropicana City Mall, No. 3, Jln SS 20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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Blogger J said...

What's the pricing like though? Affordable ah? :)
(The pasta looks good.... but I guess I'm a sucker for a thick layer of gooey yet crispy/burnt cheese)

03 December, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

J: yes, very affordable. I dint keep the receipt, but i recalled the pasta was either RM12.90 or RM15.90. Think pizza starts at RM18.90. oh, if you like rich, creamy, gooey pasta, then order this baked pasta. you'll like it ;)

03 December, 2010  
Blogger choi yen said...

Can request for tomato base for the pizza? Pesto sauce really sound weird for me too :(

03 December, 2010  
Anonymous jason said...

Your opening "speech" made me thought that you stumbled on another bad eatery hehehe.

03 December, 2010  
Anonymous Oldskool said...

Just for the record, Pizza was originally created by the Greeks, and Red Sauces for all of Europe are a relatively new invention, as for most of history they were mistakenly assumed poisonous. So, a Pesto sauce is far more traditional, ironically.

04 December, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

choiyen: guess you can check with them on that ;)

jason: hahaha it was ok afterall..

oldskool: oh, that some new info! i always had the impression that pizza came from italy, and that the first pizza was the margherita name after queen margherita when she visited a small town in italy (was it napoli?). hmm them locals must have spinned a tale when i visited italy years back..thanks oldskool..

04 December, 2010  

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