Sunday, November 21, 2010

Evolving popiah?

I guess I've not taken popiah (spring rolls) for a while now, so to my surprise, it has evolved to a new range of popiah when I was not even noticing..
When I was at Sun Yin Loong recently, I saw someone ordering a plate of 'sushi'. But sushi at a kopitiam just dont seem to fit well- I looked around and noted that there's a stall selling popiah with a twist..literally twisted and rolled with seaweed.
Curiosity got the best of me, I ordered a portion.
Outer layer was crisp seaweed, the second layer was popiah skin and the filling was mostly raw vegetables ( a mix of turnips, carrots, bean sprouts and cucumber), the center was filled with mayo, chicken floss and some fried crunchy bits of flavoured flour.
The taste? Funnily enough, this combo works- tasted like sushi (those crabstick mayo flavour), without the rice and wasabi. The only hint that it was ever a popiah was the skin.
I was told that some pasar malams are also selling this 'popiah' as hand roll versions, sans popiah skin and includes other combo of vegetables like cabbage and sweet corn bits.

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Anonymous jason said...

Would love to try that!

23 November, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

jason: it's quite nearby to where u stay..can pop by to try any time ;)

23 November, 2010  
Blogger Quay Po Cooks said...

There is another store in Tamn Megah that sells the same type of seaweed wrapped popiah, I still like the traditional ones better:D

27 November, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

quay po cooks: really? i stay very near to Tmn Megah, but didnt seem to notice that ;p. agreed, the traditional ones are still better ..

02 December, 2010  

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