Monday, November 15, 2010

Brilliant Beijing!

My dear, dear readers!
First and foremost, a thousand apologies for not updating my blog for the longest time!
Hope you guys didnt get the impression that I've stopped blogging for good :p
I've been busy for almost a month and when it was time for updates, well, I decided to procrastinate instead..hehehe.
Well, the title of my blog post gave it all away.. yes, I was off for a nice holiday in Beijing (and Xi'an) recently, to pay homage to mother of all walls :p, the Great Wall..There were 3 main gates to the Great Wall, we went to the JuYongGuan Wall, in which our driver declared, was the nicest of the 3 gates (I cant verify since this was the only one we went for :p). We were blessed with wonderful weather and beautiful autumn colours during our time there, I was so pleasantly surprise! The climb was ardous, but we defintely had loads of fun :D.
The grand Forbidden City was too humongous for me to absorb all it's rich history..

Overview of the Forbidden City from Jingshan Park

The calm moat surrounding the walls of Forbidden City
Sadly, this place was my least favourite..

And being so near Forbidden City, how can we miss Tiananmen (and Tiananmen Square)..
Zhengyang Gate at the front, leading us to Tiananmen Square and Chairman Mao Masoleum
Crowded with locals and tourists (on a weekday! dont the locals work??), forming a long queue to visit Chairman Mao.

The Temple of Heaven was lovely though..
It was packed with activities, there were lots (and I do mean freaking truck loads of them!) of locals exercising, dancing and singing in the rose garden and cyprus park. Ironically for me, it still feels tranquil amongst all the bustling.

Summer Palace was a hit among us..
We love the slow stroll, the cooling weather, the breathtaking scenery, the lush greeneries...Time really did seem to slow down there.

And for a structure build during our time, we popped by to the Olympic Park..
The Birdnest was the most popular landmark here. We were told that the oblong shape stadium represents the Heaven (and Yang and male element) while the Rectangle shaped stadium(The Cube) across the Birdnest represents the Earth (and Ying and female element). It's all about Fengshui, baby!
There were plenty of parks in Beijing, we dropped by to Beihai Park..
I had an awesome time there, it was relaxing to stroll under autumn trees, watching the sun set..
We popped by to Yonghe Temple..
It's the largest Llama Temple in Beijing and the structure seems very similar to chinese temples. I guess the only tell tale sign that it's llama temple was the scattering of spinning prayer wheels around the temple.
And how can we miss the infamous Wangfujing Street where there's a stretch of street (fear factor) food for everyone to indulge in?
There's other places that we've visited (Beijing is way too huge), but I wont wanna bored all of you, would I? Overall an extremely tiring trip (I've never walked so much daily for a long while now), but thanks to the fantastic company, I had plenty of fun! :)

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Blogger J said...

Love all the shots - so nice! :)
(Esp the Great Wall one... The colours of the trees are so pretty against the grey of the wall)

15 November, 2010  
Blogger Life for Beginners said...

Oh you just reminded me of Beijing... and how beautiful it is. I should revisit my Beijing pics and blog about this soon! :)

15 November, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

J: thanks! the great wall pic is my fave shot, the autumn colours was amazing!

kenny: ooo, shall wait for your post on BJG ;) am sure you'll dedicate many beautiful posts to BJG..

16 November, 2010  
Anonymous jason said...

Autumn colours! They made a really interesting contrast to the grayish wall!

16 November, 2010  
Blogger minchow said...

I feel Beijing is aesthetically richer than Shanghai - reminds me how long it was since the Great Wall stumped me speechless! The winters are bitterly unforgiving though!

17 November, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

jason: yes, absolutely breathtaking :)

minchow: I find both very different, though obviously BJG has a richer history. influences are different, giving us a varied selection of architecture, history and food :)

21 November, 2010  

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