Friday, April 23, 2010

Las Vacas, SS5

Jun was very sweet to remember us when she tried some yummy steaks at Las Vacas recently and promptly arranged a lunch gathering to share her lovely experience.
Las Vacas is a butchery/ meat shop serving many variations of beef cuts which later included some tables in their premise and doubles as a restaurant too. The place is clean, well lighted but dont expected great ambiance as that's not Las Vacas's focus. It's the moo that they gave their top priority.
There are a good range of beef cuts here- rib eye, tenderloin, striploin, sirloin etc- grain fed/ grass fed. There's also a choice of wagyu and angus, which we find the charges reasonable.

Both Jun and I had the rib eye (RM56, 300gm)..
Both of us had the steak done medium rare and it was superb. The meat was cook perfectly- though it was thick and huge in portion, the meat was juicy and sweet while the exterior was grilled tender and aromatic. You dont need any sauces as the natural flavour of the beef was so delicious and fresh.

Amy wanted variety, so she ordered the all day breakfast (Rm28)
She was happy with her choice which has a mix of lamb chop, steak, beef bacon, sausage, egg and salad- but comparing her cuts with ours, Amy did admit that the quality differs.

MC had Lamb Chop (RM25.20, depending on weight)
Thick cuts of lamb which I thought was very reasonably priced. The chef did an excellent job of cooking the lamb, the centre was pink and juicy whilst the exterior was charred beautifully. I loved it too, especially the slightly crisp fatty parts :p

Vince and Steph had Lamb Chump (RM23, depending on weight)
They were not too happy though, the cuts were slightly over cooked. But it was still decent.
Andrew who ordered angus steak tucked into his portion with such gusto that I didnt dare to take a picture of :p. He gave the thumbs up to his meal.
I'll definitely pop by again, got my eyes on some nice beef patties, lamb cuts and turkey meat for sale that I'd get on my next visit.
Las Vacas is located at 23, Jalan SS5A/ 11, Kelana Jaya, Selangor.

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Blogger thenomadGourmand said...

OooOO! thks for the review. I been trying to get to tis plc for ages and couldnt quite find it!
All meats done so well u say?
I'll take yr word for it!

25 April, 2010  
Blogger UnkaLeong said...


26 April, 2010  
Blogger J said...

Wow. Meat overload! :D

26 April, 2010  
Blogger sc said...

thenomadGourmand:welcome..yes, the steaks were all done nicely!

unkaleong: make sure you tell them to do medium..they did a perfect pink for the chops.

J: yeah, i stayed away from beef for sometime after that meal..hehehe

26 April, 2010  

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