Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gerai Cek Nor Cita Rasa, Section 14, PJ

Bollywood Queen has been raving about this delicious lontong at Section 14 for few months, but busy schedule and lazy me who's not willing to wake up early on weekends to savour it missed it weeks after weeks..
So I did finally managed to drag myself up this sunday, we reached Section 14 by about 10 am.
The queue was already there..patient, hungry patrons all waiting to get their food.
There were also many take aways, so it took us quite some time to get our lontongs..
We decided to order the semua aka 'all in' :p (RM7.00)
Means we had all the side dish, the sotong, the beef rendang, sliced paru (beef lungs) goreng and hard boiled egg
Looks good? Taste even better I tell ya. The total combo was just perfect; the moist nasi impit, the sayur lemak soup (which was not too sweet), the spicy sweet sambal sotong, the tender rendang, the beef jerky taste alike paru and topped with kerisik (dessicated coconut) and peanut sauce. Delicious. I ate everything; to the very last drop of the soup.
Gerai Cek Nor Cita Rasa is located at Jalan 14/20 Section 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya. It's the food court located next to Digital Mall, take the entrance between the Digital Mall and KFC Restaurant. Once you enter the food court area, you wont miss it with the long queue it has.

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Blogger "Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow, that place got such a gem 1 ar?
parked there that see a doctor at the end of the street..

12 January, 2009  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

i seldom eat Malay food, as office provided free meals least once a week. haha .. therein lies the introduction of lontong, pengat, nasi hujan etc ...

12 January, 2009  
Blogger Angiekyl said...

looks really good. when I come back to msia must really go and try it

12 January, 2009  
Blogger CUMI & CIKI said...

haven't eaten here before, tho i'v walked past the place on the way to digital mall!

12 January, 2009  
Anonymous kampungboycitygal said...

whoa lontong!! and the portion is humongous

12 January, 2009  
Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

lemak & sambal! bestnyer! hmmm, now i know where to makan after gadgets window-shopping...hehehe..thank kew ar! ;)

12 January, 2009  
Anonymous jason said...

Oooo.... looks delish. You sure like inner organs huh :)

12 January, 2009  
Blogger boo_licious said...

my fav lontong place, must go early or else everything gone with the wind. Downstairs, the assam laksa and siamese laksa people are good too and on this same floor, later in the afternoon is the infamous popiah basah people that gets queues of people for Ramadan.

12 January, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

joe: aiyo, wasted la you didnt try then. must try the next time ok?

j2kfm: wow, such nice office, provides lunch for its staff :). i work in an area full of malay food too, but this lontong is great!

angiekyl: hi there! :) yes, you must, must try this!

cumi&ciki: next time when you're over to digital mall, do pop by and try. oh, but it does get sold off pretty fast, so dont be too late!

kampungboycitygal: it's ok la, just nice portion..maybe the picture looks big :p

nic: memang sedap! but it's better you go for breakfast before digi mall..that's what i did...else, it might be gone by lunchtime ;)

jason: no la, i usually dont eat paru, but this version is nice..

boo: yeah, need to be early. oh, there's other yummies too? thanks for the tip :) it was told that the nasi lemak few stalls away is good too

13 January, 2009  
Blogger Selba said...

Yummm... sounds yummy... different way to eat lontong :)

Btw, I see the sign "kueh mueh", what kind of kueh is that?

14 January, 2009  
Anonymous jasmine said...

ooh, i loved this. thanks for reminding me about it... time to revisit :)

15 January, 2009  
Blogger sc said...

selba: mostly local malay kuih..i dont know the names though..hehe

jasmine: hello hello! yes, pop by for a plate of it soon :)

15 January, 2009  

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