Thursday, November 20, 2008

D' Italiane Kitchen, Seksyen 13, PJ

Taking a breather from my Hong Kong posts.... ( hehe, i know some of you are sick of it already :p)
Was checking my photo files and just noticed I've not posted on D' Italiane Kitchen yet. So a very belated post on this place, we were there to celebrate Mr Chardonnay's birthday a couple of months back..
We were quite early, so the restaurant was not that packed yet...

My drink, Mango Granita Was just ok, slightly on the sweet side.

Some prawn gambas(RM21.90) for appetizers.. Prawns cooked in garlic, peppers, olives, mushrooms and chilli. Again, it was fine, but I didnt like the accompanying bread at all.

The Sicilian Seafood pizza(RM26.90)..
This was marvellous. The crust was thin but crispy on the edges, the toppings were lovely, coated with pungent cheese that goes well with the fresh seafood.

Angel Hair with Scallops (RM25.90)
Pasta al-dente, cooked dry ala aglio olio. Fragrant with garlicky bits and mild hint of chilli. Scallops were seared nicely; juicy inside, slight crisp layer on the exterior.
Gosh, I cant recall the name of this pizza..was it smoked chicken?All I could remember was it was just mediocre, the Sicilian Seafood was definitely better.
The Aglio Olio Mushrooms (RM18.90)
I find this dish lacking; the penne was still a tad hard and it was not able to fully absorb the flavours of the olive oil, garlic nor mushrooms.
Risotto with crusted lamb rack
The risotto was not very smooth, the sauce was average..something was just lacking, I cant pinpoint..The lamb rack was quite a hit among my friends; it was fried, but surprising tender and juicy. The crust reminds me of KFC though.
To end the meal with a sweet note, we had Chocolate Banana with ice cream (RM16.90)..
The cake was rather compact, lined alternating banana slices and chocolate cake. You'll enjoy this if you like sticky, chewy, fudgey type of cake.
I personally preferred the Zabaglione (RM14.90)
Made with eggs, heavy cream and marsala, this was very smooth and rich, the thick cocoa dusting added a tad of bitterness to this else sweet dessert. Goes well with a cup of coffee. yums.
D' Italiane Kitchen is located at PG-01B, Ground Floor, Jaya 33, Seksyen 13, 46100, PJ. Tel : 03-7956 3684.

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Blogger J2Kfm said...

wei seriously, I aint sick of HK posts, for one. :)

Jaya 33. all this while tot Jaya One has more nice outlets compared to Jaya 33. but this one doesnt look so bad.

for the desserts only, maybe.

21 November, 2008  
Blogger christine said... seems this outlet doesn't really flaunt u that well

21 November, 2008  
Blogger CUMI & CIKI said...

we 've eaten here.. not bad.. but nothing outstandingly fantastic either... we'll probably eat here if we happen to be in the area! chocolate dessert was good:)

21 November, 2008  
Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

the risotto with crusted lamb rack sure looks attactive! how much ar, btw? ;)

i always get confused between this restaurant and that one at Jaya One. hmmm....

21 November, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

Been there before. Enjoyed its pasta & choc desserts. Can't recall the names tho.

21 November, 2008  
Blogger mimid3vils said...

The Zabaglione look like melted Vanilla ice-cream :P

21 November, 2008  
Blogger myCoffee said...

IMHO, their desserts look more lovely than the actual taste. ;-p

21 November, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

j2kfm: hahaha, that's bcoz you just came back from HK too! Jaya 33 has a few restuarants too, but i guess jaya one has more..

christine: the mains were average, well, i did enjoyed the zabaglione though..

cumi&ciki: yeah, not bad, but nothing to shout about either. hmm, choc dessert :)

nic: oopppss, forgot to add the pricing for the risotto..RM39.90. easily confused i guess, jaya one is just behind jaya 33 :)

tummythoz: cozy place for noisy chats ya? hehehe

mimid3vils: well, it was melted..but this was better than vanilla ice cream :)

myCoffee: helloe! true true, looks very pretty ya? i was ok with the choc banana, the zabaglione was yums though :)

21 November, 2008  
Blogger backstreetgluttons said...

Mr Chardonay must be well satisfied !

even if its more expensive than the xpansive ex-Champs

22 November, 2008  
Anonymous jason said...

The risotto looked very dry here.

24 November, 2008  
Blogger sc said...

backstreetgluttons: he was happy with the company :p ok la, he's happy with some of the dishes..

jason: no la, must be my bad's actually quite soggy..hahaha

02 December, 2008  

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