Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off for holidays!

Hey guys!
I'll be taking a break to visit my good friend SF (my ever trusty hand model for my blog :p) in Hong Kong!
As I'll only be back during the Deepavali break, another foodie friend of mine, Mr Chardonnay, has kindly agreed to be my guest writer.
So, until then, remember, Eat loads and Eat Happy!!


Blogger Nic (KHKL) said...

woah, hong kong! yum lots of cha and have dim sums! :)

17 October, 2008  
Blogger J2Kfm said...

happy travelling! :)
HK's the best place for food.

17 October, 2008  
Blogger Tummythoz said...

And so the eating monstrosity eating spree begins!

17 October, 2008  
Anonymous jason said...

Have fun with the shopping and food spree!

17 October, 2008  
Blogger PureGlutton said...

Happy holidays! Eat lots in HK and come back n tell us all bout it, hehe!

21 October, 2008  

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